mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Happy Birthday Christopher Durand!!!!!!!!!! 15. Say what?! get ready for that permit

Epic Christmas. This past week was spent just soaking up the spirit that comes around this time of year. I have really come to appreciate Christmas and the opportunity we have to share some christmas cheer with all. It is such a special time of year to talk about Christ and THE WONDERFUL BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR. Christmas is a little more on the "low down" here in Chile, super tranquillo. On the 24th,  we had dinner with Familia Pereira in the Ward. We had Shirley temples :) yum... We got home at 10. took a nap, woke up at 11:59 to open up our christmas presents from Santa Claus :) Hermana Gonzalez and I really enjoyed the time. Thanks to everyone who sent me a Little Something. You guys are awesome!! :) Christmas Morning we made a big old American breakfast haha. I read the account of Jesús birth in Lucas 2. Christmas this year really strengthened my testimony of my Savior and the importance of the work I am doing on God's behalf here. I am not just wasting my time in a different country, although I am now a chilena...what I love about being here is teaching the people about christ, the hope of the atonement. The purpose of this celebration, Christ is our savior. My purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto christ but that means I must be there with Christ or else I couldn't invite them to "come". I have really come to know my savior and to walk with him through trials that I face in life. I have a strong testimony that he lives today. He is our constant friend. He will not leave our side, it is us as that nos alejamos de él (distance ourselves from him). 

So this week we saw some christmas miracles! On tuesday we found a nuevo through ël es la Dádiva (He is the Gift). We were touching doors and the second door tocamos, slió una mujer se llama Silvia (we knocked, there was a lady named Silvia). We entered and with the usb we showed her and 2 granddaughters the video and they loved it! obviously it's awesome :) It is so cool to see the inspiración that was put into this short little video, it is shown with so much power and spirit that everyone we show it to wants to share it with everyone so they can remember why we celebrate la navidad. The World seems to have forgotten, but we must never forget la primer regalo (the first gift)... Jesucristo, nuestro Salvador, Redentor, y hermano que nació en un pesebre muchos años atrás (Jesus Christ, our savior, Redeemer, and brother that was born in a manger many years before). 

We were able to put a fecha with the son of V (Conversa reciente)(recent convert), he has 9 for the 11 of january. He kind of gets bored easily so we are coming up with some neat and interesting ways to teach him lol. But he is interested and understands the importance of baptism. It is a command from God and we cannot return to him with out baptism by immersion by someone that holds the proper authority.

This week we had quite a few opportunities to bless homes. I am so grateful for the sacerdocio (priesthood) that was restored through José Smith. Seriously, I am ubelievably grateful for this power that exists on earth today. I am grateful for the worthy men that hold this authority to act in the name of God. 

On saturday we had an awesome Ward family home evening. Every organization participated from the primary all the way to ysa. We had a menos ativa (less active) show up with 2 of her kids. We have tried many times to teach her but she is always busy, it was a miracle to see her in la capilla (the chapel)! My jaw about dropped...Christmas :)
Her daughter Emily has 9 years and is not baptized so today we have a cita (appointment) with them to start teaching her and put a fecha so she can enter into a convenio con dios (covenant with God) :) So many miracles agh. 

M came to church for the first time!!! She has had so much opposition that has been placed in her path every sunday. She has so much desire to progress and come back to church but she knows that it only comes with effort and action. She had to go the the doctor for her hand yesterday but she said "No, I need to go to church first, I have to make the decisión today or I will never make it". ahhh. I can't even express the love I feel for her. Last saturday we went and said a prayer with her that her daughter could find a house to live in with her husband and daughter...on monday they got the house! God is amazing. So we went yesterday with the bishop to bless the house and put a date to do a FHE this sunday with all of the family! M y G and 3 of their kids and their grandkids. This family is going to make it to the temple. 

I believe in miracles. I believe in God. I KNOW that Christ is my savior. 

I hope you all have a great New Year!!
2014 has been the best year ever in serving the Lord. Here is to 2015 and even more time to dedícate to my creator.

Hermana Thompson

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christ is the reason for singing

So this week was packed. Wednesday we had interviews with Presidente. Thursday was the misión christmas activity. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had the Musical Presentation for Christmas. wow.

Let's see if I can sum up this week in an email...

We were in such a rush all week. We had to leave the house on friday at 4:30 and we still weren't sure exactly how we were going to do splits, it was just crazy stressful but at like 4:10 we entered an investigator's house, carol y Mari. I WAS SO STRESSED AND we needed to make a few phone calls with the ZL and some hermanas in Maipú so I entered the home not really focused (bad.) Well, we had a little small talk, asked if they read the BoM, and then we popped in our pen drive to watch "He is the gift". It was a quick 2 minutes, but it moved Carol to tears... a humbling experience for me in helping redirect myself and focus my mind back to Christ and my investigator AND NOT what was going to happen in 10 minutes. I think we get so caught up in everything being perfect that we miss moments like this to feel the spirit and allow it to touch our hearts. It was a really tender moment as she expressed her feelings about the video. Afterwards, she gave such a heartfelt prayer, pleading our father to help those in need at this time and that we may all remember the true meaning of christmas.

Christmas miracles! We took like 2 steps onto a street and then stopped, and then went to the next street over...I didn't think anything of it, but we were just walking and nearly to the end of the street when we hear "mission eras" (by the way, I love being a missionary... it makes me happy:)) We flipped around quickly to see 2 women with a guagua coming out of a house. As it turns out they are members and wanted a blessing on their house. So we left and returned with Hermano Pereira. I love being an instrument in God's hands and being guided by the Spirit. It is so cool! It was awesome to talk with them and hear their story. P and her cousin Eli live in the house with a baby. They have been members for quite some time, but lost sight of the eternal perspective.

I know Christ was born in a manger in Bethlahem, I know he was a miraculous birth. Last week, I watched bible videos of the nacimiento (birth) of christ. WOW. http://www.mormonchannel.org/bible-videos

The choir was really good! We sang with angels. I love christmas songs, It brings the Spirit so strong! agh. We are planning to go caroling door to door :) haha that should be fun!

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Thompson

Monday, December 15, 2014

oh christmas Time

Pues, cada semana (each week) is so packed. But I can't even tell you how much I love christmas time on the mission, it is so awesome. If you have not taken the time to see "he is the gift" yet, you need to. We have been sharing the video with everyone and I pretty much have it memorized haha. Christ is the first and perfect gift. Every human being is blessed by this first gift. This week I have been really reflecting on what this gift actually 'means' to me and how I can utilize the gift better in my life. I love being able to take time in reflect and just think. I have really learned how to think and act. 

Make this season's focus all on Christ. Read the story of Christ in the Bible, and look for all of the references of the birth of Christ in the Book of Mormon. He is the reason for the time of year; He is the reason to celebrate and be joyful. 

Well, this week we found Carol and Mari, mom and daughter. The daughter has 11 years. I don't know if it is just me, but all of the 11/12 year olds look way bigger than my Carsyn Rae. haha. I want you to stay my little rae rae;)  Mari is super interested, it was awesome. She read her homework and everything. I just love this time of year because as missionaries, all we do is testify of Christ and people are more willing to listen about christ during the holidays. 

Happy Birthday to Talia, the big 8! ready for your baptism?! :) It is such an important step in your life. Literally, it is the entrance to eternal life. I love it! That is what we do as missionaries, help people along the path to eternal life. 

We are still trying to figure out skype... no place here have cameras sooooo.... yeah idk. we are working on it. (I'll send one Fed Ex if I have to!

This week we have our Mission Christmas Party and then I am participating in the "mission christmas choir". 

I love the work. 

"Today is the day to prepare to meet God."


Hermana Thompson

Monday, December 8, 2014

anda con el señor

Hey Hey Hey! 
How is everything going at home? Are you getting ready for christmas? I sure am! I don't ever want the people to lose this christmas spirit, seriously it is so awesome! I love being a missionary all the time obviously, but espically during this time when people are mas receptive to hear about the birth of our Savior. 

My comp is from Las Vegas, her name is Hermana Gonzalez...is super adorable and great :) so much ganas a trabajar (desire to work). She even already speaks spanish, I scored big time! I am just teaching her the chilean talk haha ¿cachi? She seriously came prepared and ready to do the Lord's work. I am not even training her hahaha. Seriously though, she is awesome. I am really grateful to have her as my daughter :) hehe 

Well, this week was a little rough with the work. I am so grateful for our agency but sometimes I just wish we could take it away haha. It is so sad to see people condemn themselves...these last couple of weeks we have seen quite a few victims of satan, it pretty much breaks my heart. But I KNOW God is preparing the hearts of people to accept the Restored Gospel. I am really strengtening my faith and trust in the Lord, I am turning it all over to Him. Every little milagro (miracle) is a success. I am ready to see milagros this week! We are working hard and giving it all. I love "greenie" (lds lingo: new missionary) power, we hit the ground running! :) 

We are sharing "He is the Gift" with everyone! It is such a powerful video...super short but really helps you reflect on the meaning of christmas and why we even celebrate the holiday. Think in terms of "christ mas"... What will be your gift to the Lord this christmas? The cool thing about gifts for the Lord is that we always receive something in return. God blesses us for every esfuerzo (effort) we make. I know He loves each and every one of us. He is aware of us. I love the gospel so much! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesucristo and for my Father in Heaven who sacrificed his son for me and for you. Follow in the steps of Christ. Be a disciple of Christ.

Mom, I love the "25 days closer to Christ" advent calendar you made for me. You are so clever! I love the spirit that it brings to my mornings. Everyday, it is exactly what I need to hear. 

Dad, presidente said we may skype the 24th, 25th, 26th, o 27th...when do you want to hook us all up?

I love you. Always work on developing the attributes of christ, it will bless your life!

Hermana T

mi hija

Monday, December 1, 2014


Well, I am training!! I literally have no time to write whatsoever, so this will be short.
The Big news is that 'Plan Piloto' is no longer a piloto, it's the plan for all of sudamerica sur! And they are thinking about making it the Plan for the church worldwide, so awesome!! It is the esfuerzo (effort) that we, missionaries, made with el señor. tan bakán. estoy tan agradecida a ser parte de esta maravillosa obra (i am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful work). 

Well, the church is doing this initiative (initiative) thing... i dont know if you guys have heard of it, but it is called "he is the gift". look it up on youtube, it is so awesome!! As christmas is right around the corner, I want to ask you this: "What will you be giving to our Savior and King this Christmas?

Do NOT EVER lose faith in our Heavenly Father.

The atonement provides mending for EVERYTHING that is broken or torn! 

I want to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon, it has changed my life. If we will just take the time to read and mediate on the words written our lives, we will be so blessed!

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Hermana Thompson

I love the Holidays! Thanksgiving dinner & Christmas package
reunited with my companions & friends!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hermana Thompson is published;)

Kendal is quoted in an article "The Most Important Change the Mission Has Had in Years- Nearing Kolob

It’s “the most important change The Mission has had in years” according to Sister Thompson's mission president. What is the big change?  It’s called The Pilot Plan (or The Rescue by some missionaries) and is currently being tested in four missions (two in Chile and two in Argentina: Chile Santiago West, Chile Santiago South, Argentina Buenos Aires South, and one other mission in Argentina which I can’t confirm). Note: one missionary reports it is being tested in 6 missions in South America.
Sister Thompson of the Chile Santiago West Mission reports the following about the book:
We have actually found quite a few menos activos (less actives) who don’t fall in our registros (records). We have this book “El Rescate” (The Rescue) the assistants made and every barrio (ward) has one…each companionship, bishop, sumosacerdote (high priest), lider misional (mission leader), and relief society. It has the direction and name of every member in the ward boundaries, future elders, men who haven’t served missions, members who haven’t been baptized. this book is our life, it is seriously such an awesome tool that our mission has to help with the plan piloto (pilot plan).

Monday, November 24, 2014

Life is a climb

Life is like a rollercoaster, actually, it is more like mountains that you have to climb. right?! It isnt always easy or fun and games...the same for the mission jaja. It is not always so handy dandy. I have had one of those long weeks. But do you know what, even though it was one of the hardest weeks of my mission, I am glad I had it because it's only for the uphill climb that we then can appreciate and enjoy the miracles in life. I just want you all to know that I know when life gets tough, we are not alone. God is on our side. I could feel him with me this week more than ever. I could feel Him as we walked the streets for hours, I could feel Him when I got in bed at night and reflected on the day. He was there when everything, and I mean everything, went wrong. I KNOW that we are NEVER alone. God has given me so much strength. God is helping me every step of the journey, but it is not easy...it wasn't easy for Christ. But we will not fail if we trust in the Lord. 

I am thankful for my trials
I am thankful for my weaknesses
I am thankful for my Savior Jesucristo
I am thankful to be a representative of Him
I am thankful for my eternal family
I am thankful for the knowledge of the Truth

Welcome home JD!! and Happy 16th Birthday Ryder

3 nephi 5:13
You choose what is going to happen in your life tomorrow. It all depends on the decisions you make today

Hermana Thompson

Monday, November 17, 2014

Walk how Jesus walked

Okay so pretty much on saturday our lunch cancelled on us so we had to eat in the house and just cuando (when) we were about to eat, a man came to our gate "halo" (a form of 'hello') so I went to see what he wanted and my comp followed...and boom, a gust of wind shut our door. Well, the keys just happened to be on the inside of the door! In Chile, there aren't door handles, you open the door with the key, no más. And the phone and everything else happened to be in the house. Our back window was open but there are bars so we couldn't fit through. We were outside for 6 hours trying to open the door or even get the phone so we could call the pensionistas (landlord). Well we managed to get the phone out of my "fanny" and used a stick to call the elders. This is just a short version of what happened...

We had a special capacitación (conference)with presidente y hermana Barreiros this week. It was super awesome. We watched a video about the atonement and the misión work. I am sure I am not the first to say that this work is not by any means easy, without a doubt this is the hardest thing I have ever done. However, the life of Christ was not easy either. In fact, he felt more pain and suffered more than any of us, so why should life be easy? Why would I expect the mission field to be easy when it was never easy for Christ. I feel like I am experiencing just 1% of all that Christ endured. We are not alone in this journey, there is one who has walked the path that we are walking. He is perfect. He is without sin. He is above all others. He is our Savior. 

The work is slowing down here but we are working harder than ever. I believe that is what happens in life, struggles come when we feel that we are doing everything possible. It is a way to be tried. That is the time to show our faithfulness, the time to prove ourselves and not give up. We are just plowing the field and it takes some time to let the seeds sprout and begin to grow...then we shall see fruits of our labor. I have learned so much patience while in the misión haha. It is not my timing, but the lord's.

When times get rough and we become anxious, annoyed, frustrated, sad, mad, or whatever the feeling, remember the love of God. Remember God's love for you specifically, and for every other person here on this earth. Only He can comfort you and remove those feelings of despair so you may feel hope and light in your life. I am pushing through, I love this work. 

Hermana Thompson

Yep, this really happened! Quite resourceful aren't we?!

Monday, November 10, 2014

spiritually edified

Amazing week, I feel so spiritually uplifted. Even though I am not traveling to different countries like Cole, haha, I feel so blessed to be here serving in Chile. This country is filled with so many beautiful people and so many beautiful places with a beauitful language. 

I finished the Book of Mormon again last week and I have gained so so so much love for this libro...it is much easier to understand in spanish. Literally, el Libro de Mormón is a doctor, a friend, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a psychologist, a companion, cupid, medicine. This book is so powerful, it literally heals spiritual wounds. 

Yes Dad, on saturday we had a conference with Mision Sur en San Bernardo. We had the opportunity to meet and listen to Elder Russell M. Nelson. We all got to shake his hand and he said my name #fangirl. Just like what Cole said last week about Elder Kearon, you can feel he is a man of God. Our lifer de zone said 'looking in his eyes was like looking into the eyes of a baby,' and it's true...so pure and close to God. 
Hermana Nelson also talked and gave awesome advice regarding some of our worst and best days. She said there are 2 things she hopes we will remember when we have days like this. 1. We try to see our "potential" self. She talked about how we should pray to remember our life before we came to earth. We made many promises of things we were going to do here, but now that we are here we have forgotten and get caught up in other things. We learned the gospel before, we socialized together, we walked with Christ, we made covenants. How terrible will it be to return 'home' and have that list of things we did not complete? If we remember those things, all of our trials will fall away. In a moment, the holy ghost can bear witness of our purpose. During trials, try to remember your pre-mortal self and those promises you made, and then the trial won't seem as big to overcome. 2. Remember all of the people on the other side of the veil who are with us are rooting for us and cheering us on. They are our family members who have passed away. Pray to have eyes to see and hearts to feel.

Elder Nelson talked about the abrahamic covenant. He spoke a lot of doctrine, it was so cool. I learned so much. 1 nephi 15:18. We, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have the responsibility to share the gospel; help our brothers and sisters come to know the hope of the atonement of Christ that they may know of true forgiveness. It is our mission to gather so that people may be blessed. We receive these blessings in the temple. The temple should be a goal for every single person.  Right now, we are not on the bench, we are in the infield (and outfield) playing the game...with each passing day there are more steps taken toward the end zone. You do not pay for dinner and only eat the salad right? We need to wait and partake of dessert as well as the main course. It's the same with the gospel, we can't just be baptized, we need to endure to the end in order to enjoy the dessert or the vida eternal (life eternal). Elder Nelson then bore this testimony in spanish; he is a man of God. 
Alma 7:22-23
Well, that was pretty much the highlight of my week, so awesome. 
I love God. I love my brother, Jesus Christ, I love my family, and I love the gospel

I love you guys too. :)
Hermana T

Love the Lord first above everything.

Monday, November 3, 2014

lo que es chileno es bueno :)

Hello Hello Hello

me encanta (I love) CHILE. Chile Cantiago Oeste is the best mission on the west. Yeah, Cole you can have the east ;) Well, I want to give a shout out to my baby Rae (Carsyn) and Trey bug! I can't believe you two are 12!! WOW...Trey gets the Aaronic priesthood so he can pass the sacrament and Carsyn is in YW. I feel old!!!

so, Saturday we went over to check with Javiera to see if she was going attend church with us and we passed by while Cesar's mom was there (Cesar's the boyfriend/partner of Javiera's mom). AND it just so happens that his mom is listening to missionaries in Rancagua. whatttt?! Neither one knew the other was investigating the church. What are the odds? God works in so many ways. It turns out they both started meeting with missionaries at the SAME TIME, such a testimony builder for me. We really do not know what the lord is doing with others that may cross our path. Agh, I love it! I know it reassured Javiera and her mom, Carla, that what they are doing is good. They all testified of what they know and it was so awesome!!! God is awesome

Then, just before we were about to start sacrament meeting, in walked Ana, José and Fernando...my mouth about dropped to the floor. *a family we contacted into and they let us in. They really enjoyed testimony meeting. Pancho even got up and bore his testimony that he knows this church is true and families can be eternal. Power. We stopped by last night to see how they were doing and José shared his experience of the morning where he felt the holy ghost within his chest telling him to go to church and he acted, so awesome. Testimony. Yesterday was so great, our asistencia (attendance) en church was greater then ever before! la capilla estaba LLENA!!! (the chapel was filled) tan bakán

Chris and Carsyn, I have a challenge for you... ready? I want you both to read the book of mormon before Cole and I get home. Don´t worry, you still have a solid 8 months so let's get going! :)

alma 31:34-35
This work is so urgent, there are brothers and sisters lost, we must bring them to christ

Alma 6:6
be at church EVERY sunday! pray and fast for those people who are lost and need to find the way

We are the Lord´s soldiers fighting the battle between good and evil...we MUST win. 

this is something i learned this week:
some of satan's angels were discussing how to destroy the people on earth and they were thinking of all of the ways to tell us the gospel is not true and lead us away...then one spoke up and said "wait let's teach them that it IS true but to do something about it tomorrow.... we cannot put off our repentance, we need to keep the commandments and live the gospel RIGHT NOW!

Hermana T :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

god is good

Week 1 of this cambio. My memory is so shot, it's a joke. 

I think I am going to get skin cancer, there is a hole in the ozone layer here and the sun is so strong...I got sun burned. I put sunscreen on my neck and face but forgot my arms and feet. mom, if you could send some suncreen in that next package that be great :) 

Javiera asistió ayer (attended yesterday)!! She is so adorable, she asked 'so when is my baptism fecha (date) again?' She is so awesome...progressing a whole ton. 

Hna Salazar and I are working hard together, she is so awesome! We have a lot of fun together, we laugh a ton. This week, we were getting into the groove and we hit the ground running. Seriously, we teach really well together. The spirit has been so strong in our lessons, it's awesome!

I am so grateful for the holy ghost. I am grateful for this time I have to really focus and to feel. This world is crazy and it is easy to get caught up in other things, even as a missionary, but it is so important to 'stop' and 'listen' and 'feel'. 

I just want to say how important a parent's example is in a child's life...seriously! I am oh so so grateful for my parents who raised me and taught me. Although, yeah, I made a lot of mistakes (sorry mom and dad :)) I always had my parents to show me the way back if I strayed a little off track. Parents, you are a HUGE part of your kids destiny, do all you can to show them the way to follow christ. It is the ONLY way that will bring salvation. We watched the 'Prodigal Son' last night for a fhe and it was so powerful. We all sin differently but every single one of us, no importa our temptations (does not matter our temptations) or errors...we ALL need to repent. 

"God knowest thy thoughts and the intents of thy heart." Always try to have your mind clear, it is something I have really been focusing on. In D&C 4, it talks about serving god with all thy heart, might, mind and strength. Strength, I have got down with time in the mission field. Physically, I can do day to day. Pero me cuesta (but more difficult) the mind...my mind wanders a lot. I am trying really hard to keep my mind on the work and praying everyday for the strength to always stay focused. 

I know this church is true. God is the Father. We must be born as spiritual children through baptism...God is great. 

Mormon 9:18-21

hermana T

Samian y emilia 

Danai, Ailene, Ghiselyn...3 adoarble little girls

Monday, October 20, 2014

time passes...enjoy the journey

This week flew by! along with this transfer and this year!! It is almost baby Rae´s (Carsyn) birthday... ah. I need more pics of my little girl. I wanted to thank San Ramon 1st ward for the card. Seriously the BEST ward ever! Thank you for all of the love and support! 

Really, I don't remember all that happened this week. But yesterday, Javiera (Investiagdora tiene 14 años (14 years old investigator)) asistió la iglesia con nosotras (attended church with us)!! It was so amazing to see the ward interact with her, especially the youth. They were awesome! It is so important that the ward members are aware when people enter the chapel that they are not familiar with. That first step into the chapel for an investigator is their first impression and many times will determine their progress and desire to learn more about the gospel and come to church. They need to feel  part of a family and that is how it was with Javiera. So awesome! She went off  with a group of young women and the yw leaders invited her to go to the cine (movies) with them this week. 

And... we had cambios today! big surprise, hermana Carretero left and I stayed! I am extremely happy to still be here!! :) Seriously, I love this sector and I love the people. I am hoping to be here for christmas! My new companion is Hermana Salazar from Utah. We have had almost all the same companions and served in the exact same sectors haha. AND we go home together! I am real excited to work with her. We are going to see even more miracles happen here in El Conquistador!!

Spiritual thoughts today: 
1. Pray to God. We all need to know for ourselves if this is His Gospel and His Church. We need to build upon our testimonies every single day.
2. We focused on 1 Nephi 16 this week...Nephi breaks his bow and though his brothers and his father Lehi murmur, Nephi does not. Why do you think Nephi didn't complain? He has a vision higher than the others. He trusted in God and he came up with a solution: fix it. He did not wait for God to fix it for him, he did what he could with what he had to obtain food for his family.
3. Think about Lehi's Dream...Why do you think Satan covered the path with vapor? Why vapor?   Satan tries to blur our view of the blessings from God and the path of our own potential. Satan tricks our mind and makes things unclear. He is the father of confusion.

I love this gospel. I am happy because I have the gospel OF Jesus Christ in my life...how blessed am I.

Hermana Thompson

the night before transfers...
Cartoon Selfies...what I do when I am anxious:P

Monday, October 13, 2014

miracles exist.

Seriously, i about died seeing those cutouts DAD!! good work! my comp thinks we gringos are crazy;) A big ole' Congrats to aunt Kristen on your marriage!! You look beautiful and oh so happy! 

Happy Birthday shout out to Hud!, TT and Paige, and Poppy!! Wish I could celebrate with you!

Okay, well this week was crazy to say the least... tuesday we went to Plaza de Armas to renew my comps visa, wednesday we had divisiones with hna bustamante. thursday we had a mega zone conference. friday we had planificacion (planning). saturday we had planned to go to the temple with Pancho so he could do baptisms for his brothers, but let's just say I caught a virus and was throwing up. I was feeling a little better later in the day, so we went to lunch with family Pereira, I had just a little bit of rice and yeah the virus struck again. I knew there would be opposition surrounding this special day, I just didn't know it would be ME! fome...Hno. Pereira gave me a priesthood blessing and it gave me comfort and helped me have the strength to overcome the bug. We ended up going to the temple, it was so beasutiful. Pancho was so nervous and so was Virginia tambien. The spirit of Elijah was so strong. My comp and I have had so many spiritual experiences with Tomas and Jesus (Pancho's deceased brothers). We could feel their presence and their anxiety (anticipation) for the work to be done...we could feel them present at the temple. Such peace and happiness. Virginia said she felt like she could feel them go to paradise, it was so impressing. They died in water and then they were baptized in water to be brought back to life and save for time and all eternity. Such a great moment. 

We also had a nuevo (new investigator) Gabriela (21 años) and she is so awesome!!!! We contacted her about a week ago and we could just tell she was golden. Altito, we put a fecha for next sunday...she is going to be baptized. She is one of those investigatores that says sí, sí sí.... I love this work.

Really, the temple was the highlight of my week. cualquier opposicion (whatever the opposition), but that doesn't stop us! We just have to keep moving forward, always looking towards Christ. 

I love this gospel and all that comes with it. My life has been blessed tremendously and I have seen the gospel change and bless the lives of so many. I have a personal testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it and I love it.

Hermana Thompson

Special day at the temple for Pancho and his family

Monday, October 6, 2014

time flies when you are having fun!

WOW...this is how I feel just about every week, seriously the work is so great and with general conference this past weekend, it was even better!! I took so many notes and literally, the spirit spoke to me. I know there are so many things that all of us can improve on. The talks were the same in every country and every language, but the difference in conference for everyone is 'what' the Spirit spoke to each of us individually. 

I seriously loved and was so indulged in every talk. I enjoyed their speaking in their native language. The Spirit does not have language barriers, something I have greatly learned while on my mission. Although I still do not speak the language perfectly, I really just need to follow the spirit. 

Well, Monday night we visited with a contact right before curfew. Ana was home as was her paraje and 3 kids and so we taught the whole family... and we put a baptismal date :) yay!!!! That's what I am talking about. They are so prepared, just need to pray to receive an answer.

I loved Elder Ballard's talk about 'staying in the boat'. We find safety in the gospel, safety from the big old ocean that can swallow us up. Stick to the gospel. Be dedicated in learning the basics (prayer, scripture study, fhe, attending the temple), there is where you will always find the answers of how we can strengthen our faith and be more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Seriously every talk was awesome. Like you said dad, they talked a lot about the prophet during sunday morning conference. As missionaries, we felt like most of the talks were puros palos . hahaha. Oh, we watched conference at the stake center in the high counsel room as gringos to enjoy English for just a little bit. I took so many notes I don't even know what to share haha. Sorry, every monday I feel my mind is racing I have so much to share... but then my mind goes blank when I am in front of the computer. 

I seriously love the mission. I love living the gospel so fully, it is such a blessing to be a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST. I know it and I love it.
I love being a Mormon :)

Hermana T
the internet cafe I email from every monday! Gotta love Google Earth;)
the elders burn a white shirt at their halfway mark, AND the hermanas...
WE are ready for General Conference, ARE YOU?!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Prepare Yourself

wow, this week literally flew by! We are just about ending september and we finished plan piloto working hard!! 

Seriously, this week was full of miracles left and right. The Lord is blessing us so much! I can't even express my gratitude; there is opposition in all things. While Satan is working hard to make us discouraged, God is working even harder to shower us with blessings. 

We had our Ward Conference yesterday and wow, the spirit hit everyone like a wall. Seriously, there were so many wet eyes. We were in the choir, we sang, "Where can I turn for peace," "Jesus the very thought of thee," and a song for yw y ym called "escoged hoy" (choose today).  Stake President spoke and the first thing he did was hold out his arms and said that he wanted "to hug everyone" and expressed his love for us and a desire to bear our burdens along with us. I just imagined it as Christ...literally in the scriptures it states so many times that he extends his arms out for us. He is holding us through the bad times and the good. 

Okay, I am just going to quickly go through some of the highlights that happened this week. Sonia (the abuela de pancho) (Pancho's grandma) prayed for the first time! Step by step I know she is going to accept the gospel...her prayer was so sweet. Step by step up the stairs, I know we can all make it!!

We put a fecha with a nuevo, Pamela. She is awesome. She has a little bit of anger with god, just because she doesn't have all the answers she wants. She has 2 daughters and we are going to baptize the entire family :) She has a desire to follow christ, and with that desire anyone can enter the waters of baptism! So we put the fecha for the 26 of October.

We put on an awesome missionary activity on tuesday for ward conference. We did the Iron Rod obstacle course! We tied a rope stretching all around the outside of the chapel. Every person was blindfolded and had to hold a hard boiled egg in their hand. The "holy ghost" (us) were guiding them through the obstacle course, but the "devil" was trying to distract them and give them candy or cookies so he could to take their eggs. It was so important for them to LISTEN, to TRUST in the Spirit in order to overcome the obstacles in their path and yet not let go of the Iron Rod. We went through rooms where the music was so LOUD, they could not hear the Holy Ghost yet they had to keep pressing forward. They climbed over chairs, under tables, and around other stumbling blocks all the while holding to the Iron Rod and their egg. The course was difficult but at last they made it to the chapel which was decked out in white... the Celestial Kingdom where they removed their blindfolds and got to see their eggs which had the words: testimony, calling, family written on each of them. We then had a devotional in the "celestial kingdom" and many people had the opportunity to share their testimony. It was such an awesome experience!

Maria José is progressing so much, she prayed without her 'cheat' sheet and we really see her faith growing. It is awesome to see the light of christ shine in her a little brighter every time we visit with her. She even handed me her book at the end of the lesson with a smile on her face waiting for her homework assignment lol. 

We had a lesson with Lisette (investigator) and she offered the last prayer and thanked god for sending us to her house and bringing the spirit which she has not felt in a long time. She said that she had hungered for this spirit. Seriously, I know this gospel blesses the lives of people, it brings  peace and comfort that every single one us are searching for in this crazy life. Talk with god, he has created the world, he is the highest of the high, and he wants to talk to YOU so talk with him. 

My comp and I have really focused on falling asleep while thinking about our investigators and what we can to do to help them. It is so awesome, I have received so much revelation in thinking about their needs and their doubt...it's great.

"How long are you going to wait to turn to god? Until something bad happens? Don't wait. Now is the time. Follow Christ."

I love the gospel. I love the work. I love being a Missionary, a Representative of CHRIST Himself

con cariño
Hermana Thompson

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chilena pride!

Okay so this week...it was a little rough because the 18 of septiembre es Independence Day here so that kind of put a little damper on our week, but we worked nonetheless killing it with our contacts! We ate a lot of bbq and empandas this week...I seriously felt so sick, I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds just this week... ay no. Chilenos show their amore con comida (love with food)!!! They have a whole lot of love for us cause man we eat a lot! lol 

Happy Birthday grandma!!!! Still young as ever. 

Last monday we had a lesson with Maria, José, and Gabriela...Katy Reyes acompanied us. (Katy is the one who added me on insta and showed me the selfie posts that were intended "for YOUR eyes only" haha; she says is going to come stay with us in california some day :)) Well, it was a really good lesson, we watched the restoration and we invited them to get on their knees and ask god, like José Smith, which church is true. 

Saturday we went over to hernan and karina because it was Isais's birthday! It was awesome because they had friends over and hernan was just telling them how we have influenced their life and helped them conocer dios mejor y todo. tan bákan (to better know god and all. super cool). I love this family, seriously they are so awesome. He was telling them about the blessings he has seen in his life since we have been teaching them...he miraculously found a job when he was sin pega por mucho tiempo (without hits for a long time). We were knocking doors saturday morning and they drove by and were honking and yelling "Hermana Thompson"...it was really funny and a little embarassing. 

oh, ayer we changed the schedule of church. We started with sociedad de socorro y sacerdocio (relief society and priesthood) and then escuela dominical y despues la reunion sacramental sunday school and after that sacrament meeting. It was really weird but kinda cool to switch it up a bit.

I had scripures to share from my studies this week, but I forgot my book...next week. 

That is about it for this week. The work is going strong here in la villa and my companion is great. We love this work! When you love the work, you are able to recognize the miracles that happen every day. The gospel is amazing. I love it.

"ojos de la fe" (eyes of faith). I was reading about the hermano de jared seta semana (brother of jared this week); the lord could not behold the veil from the eyes of him because his faith was so strong. If we open our eyes we will see the hand of god in our lives.

God answers our prayers. Hermana Carretero and I had many manifestations of this during the week. We prayed to know what to do and literally within minutes we knew exactly where we needed to go and what we needed to do. God is aware of our worries, he WILL answer our prayers. 

Hermana Thompson

chi chi chi le le le ¡Viva Chile!
mote huesillo (boiled wheat & peach)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh happy day!

hey, so you guys got my package? i sent that 2 mondays ago... how quick!! i think i just have good luck lol amazing.

Well we had a successful week! we found 12 nuevos!!! The Lord is putting us in people's paths, it's awesome. We knocked on a whole lot of doors...we asked if we could offer a prayer to bless their families and homes and surprisingly a lot of people accepted and now want to learn more. Magic!! 

Pancho had the opportunity to pass the sacrament for the first time yesterday. He was so nervous, poor kid, but he did so great! He was grinning so big...seriously the light of christ shines so brightly in him. Everyone is noticing this change in him, it is so awesome. He is being an example to his friends y Veronica received the gift of the holy ghost ayer! She is one of my biggest inspirations. Seriously, her desire to follow and become like christ is so big. She is not letting anything or anyone get in her way on her journey to exaltation. She is so awesome! I need to work so hard to reach the celstial kingdom with her, she is doing so much studying. 1 nephi 15:14, we need to continually study the basics of the gospel. I feel like as a new member they are so on fire, but that is something we should never lose...our enthusiasm for the gospel. We talked a lot about that in our reunion de zona esta semana. We need to be the same missionary all throughout our missions that we are on our first change in the mission. It's the same after the mission; we need to be the same members we were on the mission or when we were first baptized. What week is this? Week UNO!! Continue with the excitement and love for the gospel. 

Seriously God's plan is perfect...we will walk by someone at just the precise time, I can't even tell you how many times this has happened in my mission. I have really seen God work in my life, his hand is in every detail of our life. We had an awesome (I don't have time to go into details)  opportunity to feel the spirit really strong with an abueltia, she is 97 and is really sick. We went over to her daughter's house to offer a prayer of comfort. She was screaming so we ended up singing her a hymn... mas cerca dios de ti (god closer to you). She was so at peace, she actually fell asleep! I thought she had died... haha. but she didn't :) we then offered a prayer for her and her family and we returned that night with the bishop to give her a blessing. I am so grateful for the priesthood. 

This past wednesday we watched a video that really struck my heart, it is called 'gracias a él'. Seriously everything we have or ever will have...our blessings, our lives, are thanks to christ. 

Oh and a very Happy Birthday to 'Boo' (Bre)! 13 years old. dang girl. 

Make it a great week :)
Hermana Thompson

hna Carretero de Argentina
beautiful day ;)

Monday, September 8, 2014

week in the work

Well we had cambios! I am still in el conquistador, but now I am companions with Hna. Carretero (Argentina). I am so happy to still be here...literally, there is still so much work to do here :)

dun dun dun. Veronica was baptized yesterday!!!! It was so awesome. She was so excited and emotional to take this step but so prepared to accept the gospel. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to teach her the truth, golden. She actually had a dream the other night of her baptism and she told us after she was basptized that it was exactly what she had dreamed...so cool! She went down into the water in such peace, so gracefully; seriously like an angel. I love her so much. She is such an example to me. I know that the key to conversion is the book of mormon, she is evidence of that. Before the baptism her son asked her if she really wanted to do this and she said she has never been so sure of anything in her life, she is going to be faithful and such an example to her family. 

Saturday we had an activity of the stake, it was so awesome! We played games like tug of war, they danced the cueca and we ate empanadas...oh how I love chile pride! ¡viva chile!

Yesterday Pancho received the sacerdocio (priesthood)! It was so awesome. Hermano golaz ordained him, but because it was his first time the bishop was whispering in his ear what to say. It was cool because once again it was like Pancho was receiving the priesthood for himself and his twin brother. Pancho told us that when they put their hands on his head he could feel it from his head to his toes it's awesome to see his progression, he is so on top of things. 

Friday I was on divisions with Hermana Flores (Honduras), she is super great!! It was a lot of fun! We found a nuevo contacting, Sandra and we put a fecha for the 28 of sept. Score! Seriously, there are so many people here that are prepared!

I received your package mom and dad!!! thank you!! I love the instargram books, they're awesome!!! And I got your postcard and a letter from Cole! I love it! Thanks for sending the LOVE. 

Write the words of the book of mormon on your heart by doing the things it says!

During the passing of the sacrament, I was reading Moroni 4:3 y 5:2 as always, but yesterday the words "testifiquen ante ti" (witness unto thee) really stuck out to me. Literally every single one of us are testigos de cristo. We testify of christ through our actions, by keeping the commandments, simpre remembering him in all things. I am so grateful for the sacrament to help me renovar and remember my covenants that I made at baptism. 

wow my english is really bad... I apologize!

Hermana Thompson
too many photos to choose from!