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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Happy Birthday Christopher Durand!!!!!!!!!! 15. Say what?! get ready for that permit

Epic Christmas. This past week was spent just soaking up the spirit that comes around this time of year. I have really come to appreciate Christmas and the opportunity we have to share some christmas cheer with all. It is such a special time of year to talk about Christ and THE WONDERFUL BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR. Christmas is a little more on the "low down" here in Chile, super tranquillo. On the 24th,  we had dinner with Familia Pereira in the Ward. We had Shirley temples :) yum... We got home at 10. took a nap, woke up at 11:59 to open up our christmas presents from Santa Claus :) Hermana Gonzalez and I really enjoyed the time. Thanks to everyone who sent me a Little Something. You guys are awesome!! :) Christmas Morning we made a big old American breakfast haha. I read the account of Jesús birth in Lucas 2. Christmas this year really strengthened my testimony of my Savior and the importance of the work I am doing on God's behalf here. I am not just wasting my time in a different country, although I am now a chilena...what I love about being here is teaching the people about christ, the hope of the atonement. The purpose of this celebration, Christ is our savior. My purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto christ but that means I must be there with Christ or else I couldn't invite them to "come". I have really come to know my savior and to walk with him through trials that I face in life. I have a strong testimony that he lives today. He is our constant friend. He will not leave our side, it is us as that nos alejamos de él (distance ourselves from him). 

So this week we saw some christmas miracles! On tuesday we found a nuevo through ël es la Dádiva (He is the Gift). We were touching doors and the second door tocamos, slió una mujer se llama Silvia (we knocked, there was a lady named Silvia). We entered and with the usb we showed her and 2 granddaughters the video and they loved it! obviously it's awesome :) It is so cool to see the inspiración that was put into this short little video, it is shown with so much power and spirit that everyone we show it to wants to share it with everyone so they can remember why we celebrate la navidad. The World seems to have forgotten, but we must never forget la primer regalo (the first gift)... Jesucristo, nuestro Salvador, Redentor, y hermano que nació en un pesebre muchos años atrás (Jesus Christ, our savior, Redeemer, and brother that was born in a manger many years before). 

We were able to put a fecha with the son of V (Conversa reciente)(recent convert), he has 9 for the 11 of january. He kind of gets bored easily so we are coming up with some neat and interesting ways to teach him lol. But he is interested and understands the importance of baptism. It is a command from God and we cannot return to him with out baptism by immersion by someone that holds the proper authority.

This week we had quite a few opportunities to bless homes. I am so grateful for the sacerdocio (priesthood) that was restored through José Smith. Seriously, I am ubelievably grateful for this power that exists on earth today. I am grateful for the worthy men that hold this authority to act in the name of God. 

On saturday we had an awesome Ward family home evening. Every organization participated from the primary all the way to ysa. We had a menos ativa (less active) show up with 2 of her kids. We have tried many times to teach her but she is always busy, it was a miracle to see her in la capilla (the chapel)! My jaw about dropped...Christmas :)
Her daughter Emily has 9 years and is not baptized so today we have a cita (appointment) with them to start teaching her and put a fecha so she can enter into a convenio con dios (covenant with God) :) So many miracles agh. 

M came to church for the first time!!! She has had so much opposition that has been placed in her path every sunday. She has so much desire to progress and come back to church but she knows that it only comes with effort and action. She had to go the the doctor for her hand yesterday but she said "No, I need to go to church first, I have to make the decisión today or I will never make it". ahhh. I can't even express the love I feel for her. Last saturday we went and said a prayer with her that her daughter could find a house to live in with her husband and daughter...on monday they got the house! God is amazing. So we went yesterday with the bishop to bless the house and put a date to do a FHE this sunday with all of the family! M y G and 3 of their kids and their grandkids. This family is going to make it to the temple. 

I believe in miracles. I believe in God. I KNOW that Christ is my savior. 

I hope you all have a great New Year!!
2014 has been the best year ever in serving the Lord. Here is to 2015 and even more time to dedícate to my creator.

Hermana Thompson

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