mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

End of a Chapter

Last Wednesday marked a pause to my life in Provo. As my mom and I drove back to San Ramon, I had 11 hours to reflect on all of the experiences and memories created. Provo has become my home; friends have become my family. When I first arrived in Provo, I had no idea how much I would change because of living there. Living in Provo has helped me evaluate my life goals and realign my priorities. Although school hasn't always been at the top of my list (Sorry Mom!), I learned so much about myself and adventure out of my comfort zone. I gained so many invaluable lessons living on my own that are applicable to my future and ability to overcome day to day struggles. Living in "Mormon Central" allowed me to grow closer to Heavenly Father and strengthen my testimony; that has led to the next step in my life: My Mission. I have met some absolutely amazing people in Provo that have forever changed my perspective, my self, and my heart. They have been there for me and taken such care of me when I have felt I had nowhere to go or no one to talk to. They helped me get to where I am today, always encouraging me to take the next step in the right direction. Although they weren't always aware of what I was going through, because they live close to the spirit they were able to say just what I needed to hear at the exact moment I needed to hear it.

Just a few snippets of my life in Provo

Goodbye Belmont!

Goodbye to the Best Roommate Ever!!!!!!!!!
Goodbye to all these people that have become family 

 Goodbye my cute little munchkins

 Goodbye to my childhood best friend
 Goodbye to pranks on the boys 
 Goodbye to days full of fun 

Goodbye to Rachel!

Goodbye to Hayley and good luck in Mexico City!!

 Goodbye to the guy that threw the best parties!
 Goodbye to Philip who was always willing to be crazy with us
 Goodbye to the nights filled with laughter
Goodbye to random adventures with these 3 boys

Goodbye to my Galena Sisters

Goodbye to Eric and all the jokes

Goodbye to BYU football games

 Goodbye to Crazy Dances with these guys.

Goodbye to Heather who will be serving in the Oakland Visitor's Center

 Goodbye to the wonderful people I met at Vivint!!
 Goodbye and Good luck to this girl who happens to be my cousin ;)
 Goodbye to my San Ramon best friend
Goodbye to this girl who kept all my secrets

Friday, October 18, 2013


Last Wednesday, I had the privilege to go thru the Oakland Temple and what a remarkable experience it was. I was surrounded by so many loved ones and felt the love from those who were not able to make it.  Looking over and seeing my Mom, Dad and those who were there to support me is another confirmation of how true this church is. Going thru the temple is such a personal and sacred experience, but I wanted to share just a few brief thoughts. I felt so at home as I entered the temple, it just kind of clicked in my head; everything made sense. It is simple really. I feel honored to have been able to make further covenants with my Heavenly Father. I know I now have a greater responsibility, but I also know that as I keep the commandments I will be able to fulfill God's plan for me. Sitting in the temple brought so much peace to my soul as I reflected on my life. I have so many exciting things coming up and I get so caught up in all the craziness sometimes that I forget why I am serving a mission in the first place. The clothes, the packing, the language, the logistics, don't really matter; my spiritual preparation to teach the truth to God's children is where I need to focus my attention. I am going to Chile to bring people true happiness. I need to prepare myself to meet the people who need me to show them the way. The temple has changed my perspective on a lot of things. It made me realize how dumb some of the things I stress over are and how stupid it is to look at my phone for 15 minutes before bed instead of reading my scriptures. The temple has helped me to realign my priorities. I love the temple. I know it is God's home on earth, the spirit testifies that to me when I enter the doors. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. I love this gospel with all of my being.

These two lovely people have been the ultimate example to me. I owe my life to them. 


I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful examples in my life that have shown me the way to live a true happy life.  Shout out to my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and all of my church leaders who have influenced my life and helped me along the way. Each and everyone of you have helped me get to where I am. I cannot thank you enough!! <3

Monday, September 23, 2013


As I begin to get ready to leave on my mission, I have this overwhelming feeling of peace. When I opened my call I was a little shocked. I was not expecting to go to South America whatsoever. I think it has taken me a bit of time to sink in that I really will be serving in Chile! This is still kind of surreal, but I know I am needed in Chile. I made promises to people in the pre-mortal life to be of help & healing in their life and I believe I will find some of them in Chile. Heavenly Father is all knowing and this past year I have really gained an understanding of his Plan. I have always had a plan in my head...I was going to go to school, fall in love young, and start a family. That is what I have pictured in my mind.  I have come to know that although my plan was a good plan, it is not Heavenly Father's plan for me at this time. I have faith and trust in Him. I have relinquished my plans and put myself in His hands, allowing Him to be the captain of my life. His will shall be done. This whole mission experience is such a testimony builder for me; it has all happened so quickly. From the time I went to the temple and received confirmation I needed to serve a mission to the time I received my call,  was exactly 6 weeks. It is amazing how everything falls into place when we give up our will to His. Although this is not what I thought I would be doing at 19, I know it is exactly where the Lord needs me. His plan is so much better than mine ever could be. I am excited to bring the gospel to the people of Chile. I am so ready to embark on this journey...

Se que la iglesia es verdad.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Called to Serve...

In October 2012, during General Conference, the announcement came that the new age for young men to serve a mission would be 18, and age 19 for young women.  The entire mormon world was freaking out, my family included. I began to cry (I promise I really am not a crier) as I thought about Cole leaving so much sooner than expected. It didn't even really hit me that I could put my papers and leave within 4 months. I never really had the desire to serve and so the age change did not change that. I thought I was supposed to be in Provo. Looking back now, I was so not ready to serve a mission. I wasn't ready to listen to God's plan for me. I kept justifying away the promptings I was receiving about serving a mission. I was trying to convince myself by saying things like "I don't feel I am supposed to serve a mission" and  "I don't want to go on a mission just because I can, or because everyone else is." I was very adamant about not serving a mission. Then the Heavens were opened and I saw an angel telling me to serve a mission. Just kidding... I didn't see an angel, but I did get a glimpse into my future as I attended the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on July 16th. I went to the temple with a question to ponder... "What is my next step?" Mainly, "What am I going to do with school? Where am I going to go? What am I going to study?" Little did I know that as I would leave the temple, I would have a completely different answer then what I anticipated. I called my Dad as Rachel and I were driving back to Provo. As I told him, he said he knew it was coming. It is amazing to me how in tune my parents are with the Spirit. He had a feeling that I would be leaving shortly after Cole. Well Dad, you knew before I did! My mom was at girls camp that week so she had a surprise when she got home! She called me as she was driving home, but I was walking into a concert, so I real quickly told her before hanging up; I gave her something to think about it on the drive home. haha. That probably wasn't the nicest way to do it, but I couldn't wait for her to hear... Sorry Mom! I came home for Cole's farewell and shared my news with the rest of my family and friends and so the journey of my mission began...

August 28, 2013 rolled around as I anxiously awaited the arrival of my "envelope". Trying to make the time pass as I was at work, my friend Chaelyne Cook (in between calls) would hear all about how I couldn't wait to receive my call and were guessing where I might serve. I thought I was for sure staying in the United States speaking English. She, on the other hand, thought I was going to Portugal. As I nervously fiddled my thumbs and spun in my chair, Rachel Schwartz was at Belmont with my mailbox key scoping out the mailman. When he finally came to deliver the mail at around 4:30 P.M. he arrived empty handed. Disappointment set in as I read Rachel's text saying it didn't come. I was so set on it coming that day, I had everything planned and ready to go. I was crushed! Have I mentioned that I am NOT a patient person?! It was such a big let down, I went home and cried into my pillow. This was a big lesson to me: Heavenly Father has a plan and although we may not be aware of it, we have to trust Him in all things, even in Timing. I know that I had to experience this for a reason... although I am not aware yet quite why, I know that it has helped my understanding of timing. His timing is perfect! He knows past, present, and future. Although I was disappointed at the time, waiting was a greater blessing because my testimony of His timing and His plan deepened. The next day, August 29th, the Big White Envelope addressed to Sister Kendal Cornett Thompson from the First Presidency was sitting in my mailbox! I started freaking out at work. (Thanks Rachel for scoping out the mailman again) Luckily, I got off work early, sped home, waited for all my friends and family to arrive, and "Bam", I had been called to serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission! Holy Cow! So not what I expected but I know that is where I am needed and I could not be more grateful to serve the Chilean people. What an amazing opportunity I have to serve my Savior for 18 months. I love this gospel. I love Chile. I love my family. I love my friends.

I have the best support system a girl could ask for