mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's not too late to change...

wow! Okay so a whole lot happened this week. lol

Yesterday....PANCHO GOT BAPTIZED! It was such an awesome day. Seriously, I cannot even begin to describe it. So the baptism was at 8 in the morining, church starts at 9. We stopped by their house at 7 to walk with them to the church. Pancho was sitting at the table all ready in his suit. (it fit him perfectly! I am so glad we bought it for him) Virginia told us that he woke up several times during the night asking her the time, he was so excited. We also bought him a tie, he looked slick with his suit and tie. We got to the church and snapped some pictures, there were a lot of people there supporting him which was really awesome! He needs the support. While he was in the font he looked at his mom, hna. Dominguez, and at me with just the biggest smile, he was literally glowing. Hermano Galas (recent convert) did the baptism ordinance. It was his first time and everything was perfect, but the bishop said that he forgot an 'and' so he did it 2 times, no big deal. Virginia got up to give her message on baptism and the tears start flowing, she spoke about how Pancho had lost his twin brother about 2 years ago and how she could feel his presence at the baptism. She said that his being baptized twice was a sign from his twin that he wanted to be baptized as well. The spirit was so strong, seriously virginia is a rock...such an inspiration. It was so cool, Pancho was saying all day yo soy feliz (I am happy). You could see the difference in him...he was singing along with all of the hymns, he is reading with his mom every night. He is a future missionary! He is adorable. It is so amazing to see this transformation because when I got to this area, he didn't want anything to do with the church...it was his mom's 'thing'. But something changed him, there was a spark and everything just opened up and I could see the difference in his attitude and in his spirit. We are planning to go to the temple the 6 of september so he can do the work for his brothers. Well, that was yesterday! haha

We had another lesson with Hernan and Karina, we watched The Restoration dvd. There is something so special about seeing and hearing the story of Joseph Smith. After the video Hernan told us that he wasn't really expecting anything to come from our visits, just some gringas (white girls) in the house lol. But then he shared how much he has appreciated having us share the gospel with their family. It was so nice to have someone express appreciation for what we do. That we have helped his family feel the spirit and feel closer to god and know a little more about their savior and his plan, makes me happy. Maybe they won't get baptized right now, but I know that we have done our part, we awoke something inside of him, planted a seed. Our sole purpose is to invite people to come unto christ. 

Something we missionaries think is awesome is when a recent convert and an investigator give you referencias to teach their friends! We had 2 nuevos investigators this week thanks to Virgina and Veronica. Seriously so great! Share your friends with the missionaries :) Actually, tambien yesterday there were 2 baptisms after church that were referencias from a family in the ward. hint hint...

We had a lesson with Virginia, Pancho and their friend Fanny last night and Pancho says, "esta iglesia es Bakán" This church is cool. It's true, this church is cool. We are just one big happy family :)

Never too young to learn, never too old to change!

I know this church is true. I love it :) this is CHRIST'S church. 

hasta ver hasta ver hasta ver  

Hna Thompson
Pancho's Baptism
Casa Nuestra

what I do when my comp is in el baño...selfies;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

hola verano

well we are going to have the baptism of Pancho this sunday at 8 am!! He is so ready. We bought him a suit and tie for his baptism (don't worry mom i only paid like 10 bucks.) (so NOT worried;) We want this day to be perfect for him, he will receive the holy ghost sunday too and then the next sunday he will receive the priesthood! then we are going to the temple. it has been such a neat experience to see the change and growth in him. this kid literally cracks me up. he reminds me a lot of christopher. 

This week was literally summer! i love it so much!! i forgot how much i love the sun beating down on my face. we even had a lesson outside and enjyoed the sun and the spirit anll in one. talk about perfect. two of my favorite things. heat and the gospel. 

I had a cool experience with Hernan and Karina this week. Ww taught the plan of salvation and it was a good lesson but the spirit really spoke to me when hernan was praying. He doesnt have work right now and is really struggling with that so he was asking the lord for strength and help. the spirit manifested to me so strongly that heavenly father was listening to his prayers. He hears our prayers and our pleas. He is ready to bless us. we just need to humble ourselves and call out to him. 

oh yeah i had a talk yesterday in church. on the Jesus Christ. pretty simple. i talked a lot about how he is our savior in so many ways. i love my savior and i am so grateful for what he did and continues to do for us each and every day. 

We have 2 new fechas for the 7 of september! They are so great. Carmen and fernanda. carmen is the mom and fernada has like 23 years and has a little boy. but what is really cool about them is we taught lesson 2 the plan of salvation and we mentioned to reach the reino celestial (celestial kingdom) we need to complete with the 5 steps of the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. They really understand that thery need to be baptized which is so awesome and they really want it so we are working with them right now :) 

oh and Veronica assisted church yesterday! she literally looked like a member. she was so attentive during all of it, she was hanging on every word. she is seriously so prepared. she is going to be baptized the 31 of this month. she is so ready.- she is reading the book of mormon every day and understands everything. gold!!!

Well you guys got the pics from elder bertagna fomr the reunion for my comp. but the reunion was so good! i always love the conferences with president because the spirit is so strong and i always leave with so much excitement to get to work. it literally is awesome. there is still so much for me to learn!!

Virginia (the mom of pancho) had a really cool, scary experience this week that i wanted to share. she was in a collective (it's like a taxi but a set price. 700 pesos) in the plaza and the driver told her to get out here and she felt that a little more up the street was better but the driver insisted and so she opened the door but something in her felt really heavy and she couldn't get herself to get up from the seat and get out of the car, just at that time, a motorcycle flew by and ran into the door! she was in such shock, if she had gotten up, he would have hit her and she could have died... i know that it was the holy ghost that was protecting her. it is cool to see these miracles that happen because of the gift of the holy ghost. i am so grateful for this constant companion we have with us to protect us and guide us. 

well that's about it for this week.

hast luego!

part of our scavenger hunt...check!


Got LDM? (libro de mormon)

our masterpiece

Monday, August 11, 2014

a little sacrifice for big blessings

So this week was seriously so great! okay, really every week is great in the mission but this one was extra great!! 
We pretty much rocked it this week with a lot of help from the Lord obviously.

Let's start with "H" y "K". They are couple we found contacting. H is this big (a little gangster looking) guy lol. It is funny because K is this quiet little thing...they don't look like they go together, but they are perfect;)  Anyway, we shared the Restoration with them and it was a good lesson. After the lesson H was asking some questions and all of a sudden he got really quiet...he looked up with tears in his eyes and asked why when we talk about Christ he gets so emotional? The spirit was so strong, I could just feel it, such a great opportunity to testify of the Holy Ghost. I am reminded every day that the power of the holy ghost is real, we need to step back for a minute and let him speak to us. Sometimes we just need to relax from our crazy lives to think about Christ and let the spirit speak to our heart. 

ANOTHER miracle! We were knocking on doors because all our citas fell through (a little sad how typical it is lol) but we were knocking on doors and we yelled "halloo", this young girl walked out and we introduced ourselves as representatives of Jesus Christ and she said "oh pasen" (come in)... hermana Dominguez and I looked at eachother in shock haha. We had literally just said our names and that was about it, she wanted to invite us into her home.... there is a first time everything right? Well, I want this to happen over and over again! Maria is 22 and her sister Gabriella is 14 and they are so great! I offered the closing prayer and the younger sister started crying (i dont know what it was with the tears this week), but the spirit was so strong. I just felt so much love for them. We are literally daughters of God and he loves each and every one of us. I know the spirit can touch people's hearts and has the power to change them for the better. I know the lord is preparing people in our path, so that we can share the truth. Sometimes they don't even know what they are looking for until they feel the spirit.

oh, and Pancho, age 12, was in church on Sunday. This kid is literally awesome; his mom, Virginia was baptized 4 weeks ago, their story is actually quite sad. When he was 10, he and his twin brother and younger brother were playing near a river and his younger brother accidentally kicked his cleat into the river, sohe jumped in  to get it (it was expensive and he didn't want to lose it). Well, he got into trouble and so Pancho's twin jumped in the water to help while Pancho ran to get help. His twin and younger brother died in the river that day...Virginia lost 2 of her 3 sons...since then, Pancho has struggled with the loss and been rebellious; he felt like it was his fault. He watched his brothers die, I can't even imagine what he has had to go through at such a young age. But right now he is beginnning to change; he wants to be pure, he wants to remove this burden that he has been carrying. He is only 12 years old, but he is so great, he has been thru a lot. I can't tell you how many times he has said "tia yo quiero bautizarme"  (Aunt (he calls her that), I want to be baptized) he wants to make this change in his life and he wants to be pure of his sins. We are preparing him to be baptized the 23 of august and then go to the temple on the 30th so he can do the baptisms for his brothers. 

Last night was a little sad way to end our week. I can't remmber if I told you about the family of "M" y "C", well they are this super family but when we stopped by last night to visit them, they told us they just aren't feeling it. My heart was so heavy,  hna Dominguez and I didn't really know what to say. It is really sad because we testified with all of our hearts, but they just don't have the same vision as we do. They didn't have their whole heart in it. The gospel is literally a way of life, not just something we do to waste 3 hours every sunday. They weren't ready to make that covenant with god to be devoted to the gospel. It was really really sad; we could see their potential... their whole family in white being sealed for time and all eternity however, everyone has their own agency. It was just sad to hear that they don't want to progress or continue with the lessons. I can literally feel god's love for them, i know that maybe they aren't ready now but one day they will receive the missionaries in their house again and accept the covenant of baptism. My job as a missionary is to invite and maybe I won't see a ton of baptisms but I know I am planting seeds, I am helping prepare the way for people to their salvation. I know we won't always see the fruits of our labor, but we always need to put our trust in god and in His plan.

This week was full of miracles. I am reminded every day by the power of the holy ghost that an eternal perspective makes life a whole lot easier, not because we don't have trials but because we see them more clearly through the eyes of God.

A shout out to Nana for turning 86!!! Happy Birthday, you are still so beautiful! I love you Nana :) Happy Birthday to Janie girl y Lyla! AND Happy Anniversary to Mimi & Papa and Nicole & Jevin! 

con mucho amor,
Hermana T

Hna Dominguez and Me;)
Hna Lopez and Helado
dogs gross me out but this was adorable
(guess this is where the phrase "Dog Pile" comes from)

Monday, August 4, 2014

rolling along

I want to give a shout out to Cole for completing 1 year in the mission!! woohoo! bittersweet lol

Well, this week was great! I literally love this sector so much! I am so stoked to be here. We have a lot of people to visit and share the gospel with. Our sector is only one villa, no mas (no more), but there are a ton of people that live here and there are always people out on the streets. Our pool of people is big and great. 

We had a noche de hogar (family home evening) yesterday with a part member family. He has been investigating the church ever since they have been together (20 years mas o menos), it was a really intense lesson. The lesson was god; we talked about the atonement of christ and the blessings we receive because of Him and His sacrifice. But things got a little intense when we started talking about baptism...ha. The wife (well they aren't married) got really emotional because she cannot progress in the gospel since she is not living the law of chastity. It was really sad to see the burden she has on her shoulders, her paraje (idk the word in english!) is holding her back... BUT we ended up putting a fecha with him for the 3 of november. Its a little far away, but he wants the time to prepare and he wants his son to baptize him...and his son needs to prepare himself too. So we are going to work really hard to reunite this family for eternity!

We had 2 investigators in the church yesterday! Carolina and Valentina! A mom and daughter, this family is literally golden- so prepared. We also found 3 nuevos personas ayer and they are super super buenos. Flora, Andrea, Frances. 

Hermana Dominguez and I are working really hard and something we are focusing on is visualizing everyone we talk to in white...it truly helps put in perspective the gospél and how we are literally children of god and he wants all of us to return to him. It is our job to bring souls unto him. Alma 13:24, there are people prepared in every part of the world, there are people right next to us who are looking for the truth and happiness which we have. 

This ward is really great and so ready to help in the missionary work, it's awesome. The bishop is new, as is our leader misional, relief society president, and the quorum de elders. They are all new haha but it's great because we are learning together and helping the ward progress. 

Our zone right now is doing 40X40, we are fasting for 40 days to have 40 baptisms this month. Yeah, it's a little crazy but we are going to do it! We are so stoked, every companionship has different days to fast so one companionship finishes as another one starts. 

We also found a new inactive family and they are excited to come back.  

God works through us to help answer other people's prayers. Matthew 25:34-40

love --> obedience --> faith --> miracles

Well that's about it for this week. I love the gospel. I love this work and I love God!

Hermana Thompson

buñelos de colombia
20 of us piled in a little minivan after church. we live 25 minutes from church 
"I was born to love you!"
Cole, I found hna Kirkpatrick! She is Cole's previous companion's cousin;)