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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 18, 2014

hola verano

well we are going to have the baptism of Pancho this sunday at 8 am!! He is so ready. We bought him a suit and tie for his baptism (don't worry mom i only paid like 10 bucks.) (so NOT worried;) We want this day to be perfect for him, he will receive the holy ghost sunday too and then the next sunday he will receive the priesthood! then we are going to the temple. it has been such a neat experience to see the change and growth in him. this kid literally cracks me up. he reminds me a lot of christopher. 

This week was literally summer! i love it so much!! i forgot how much i love the sun beating down on my face. we even had a lesson outside and enjyoed the sun and the spirit anll in one. talk about perfect. two of my favorite things. heat and the gospel. 

I had a cool experience with Hernan and Karina this week. Ww taught the plan of salvation and it was a good lesson but the spirit really spoke to me when hernan was praying. He doesnt have work right now and is really struggling with that so he was asking the lord for strength and help. the spirit manifested to me so strongly that heavenly father was listening to his prayers. He hears our prayers and our pleas. He is ready to bless us. we just need to humble ourselves and call out to him. 

oh yeah i had a talk yesterday in church. on the Jesus Christ. pretty simple. i talked a lot about how he is our savior in so many ways. i love my savior and i am so grateful for what he did and continues to do for us each and every day. 

We have 2 new fechas for the 7 of september! They are so great. Carmen and fernanda. carmen is the mom and fernada has like 23 years and has a little boy. but what is really cool about them is we taught lesson 2 the plan of salvation and we mentioned to reach the reino celestial (celestial kingdom) we need to complete with the 5 steps of the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. They really understand that thery need to be baptized which is so awesome and they really want it so we are working with them right now :) 

oh and Veronica assisted church yesterday! she literally looked like a member. she was so attentive during all of it, she was hanging on every word. she is seriously so prepared. she is going to be baptized the 31 of this month. she is so ready.- she is reading the book of mormon every day and understands everything. gold!!!

Well you guys got the pics from elder bertagna fomr the reunion for my comp. but the reunion was so good! i always love the conferences with president because the spirit is so strong and i always leave with so much excitement to get to work. it literally is awesome. there is still so much for me to learn!!

Virginia (the mom of pancho) had a really cool, scary experience this week that i wanted to share. she was in a collective (it's like a taxi but a set price. 700 pesos) in the plaza and the driver told her to get out here and she felt that a little more up the street was better but the driver insisted and so she opened the door but something in her felt really heavy and she couldn't get herself to get up from the seat and get out of the car, just at that time, a motorcycle flew by and ran into the door! she was in such shock, if she had gotten up, he would have hit her and she could have died... i know that it was the holy ghost that was protecting her. it is cool to see these miracles that happen because of the gift of the holy ghost. i am so grateful for this constant companion we have with us to protect us and guide us. 

well that's about it for this week.

hast luego!

part of our scavenger hunt...check!


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