mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, October 27, 2014

god is good

Week 1 of this cambio. My memory is so shot, it's a joke. 

I think I am going to get skin cancer, there is a hole in the ozone layer here and the sun is so strong...I got sun burned. I put sunscreen on my neck and face but forgot my arms and feet. mom, if you could send some suncreen in that next package that be great :) 

Javiera asistió ayer (attended yesterday)!! She is so adorable, she asked 'so when is my baptism fecha (date) again?' She is so awesome...progressing a whole ton. 

Hna Salazar and I are working hard together, she is so awesome! We have a lot of fun together, we laugh a ton. This week, we were getting into the groove and we hit the ground running. Seriously, we teach really well together. The spirit has been so strong in our lessons, it's awesome!

I am so grateful for the holy ghost. I am grateful for this time I have to really focus and to feel. This world is crazy and it is easy to get caught up in other things, even as a missionary, but it is so important to 'stop' and 'listen' and 'feel'. 

I just want to say how important a parent's example is in a child's life...seriously! I am oh so so grateful for my parents who raised me and taught me. Although, yeah, I made a lot of mistakes (sorry mom and dad :)) I always had my parents to show me the way back if I strayed a little off track. Parents, you are a HUGE part of your kids destiny, do all you can to show them the way to follow christ. It is the ONLY way that will bring salvation. We watched the 'Prodigal Son' last night for a fhe and it was so powerful. We all sin differently but every single one of us, no importa our temptations (does not matter our temptations) or errors...we ALL need to repent. 

"God knowest thy thoughts and the intents of thy heart." Always try to have your mind clear, it is something I have really been focusing on. In D&C 4, it talks about serving god with all thy heart, might, mind and strength. Strength, I have got down with time in the mission field. Physically, I can do day to day. Pero me cuesta (but more difficult) the mind...my mind wanders a lot. I am trying really hard to keep my mind on the work and praying everyday for the strength to always stay focused. 

I know this church is true. God is the Father. We must be born as spiritual children through baptism...God is great. 

Mormon 9:18-21

hermana T

Samian y emilia 

Danai, Ailene, Ghiselyn...3 adoarble little girls

Monday, October 20, 2014

time passes...enjoy the journey

This week flew by! along with this transfer and this year!! It is almost baby Rae´s (Carsyn) birthday... ah. I need more pics of my little girl. I wanted to thank San Ramon 1st ward for the card. Seriously the BEST ward ever! Thank you for all of the love and support! 

Really, I don't remember all that happened this week. But yesterday, Javiera (Investiagdora tiene 14 años (14 years old investigator)) asistió la iglesia con nosotras (attended church with us)!! It was so amazing to see the ward interact with her, especially the youth. They were awesome! It is so important that the ward members are aware when people enter the chapel that they are not familiar with. That first step into the chapel for an investigator is their first impression and many times will determine their progress and desire to learn more about the gospel and come to church. They need to feel  part of a family and that is how it was with Javiera. So awesome! She went off  with a group of young women and the yw leaders invited her to go to the cine (movies) with them this week. 

And... we had cambios today! big surprise, hermana Carretero left and I stayed! I am extremely happy to still be here!! :) Seriously, I love this sector and I love the people. I am hoping to be here for christmas! My new companion is Hermana Salazar from Utah. We have had almost all the same companions and served in the exact same sectors haha. AND we go home together! I am real excited to work with her. We are going to see even more miracles happen here in El Conquistador!!

Spiritual thoughts today: 
1. Pray to God. We all need to know for ourselves if this is His Gospel and His Church. We need to build upon our testimonies every single day.
2. We focused on 1 Nephi 16 this week...Nephi breaks his bow and though his brothers and his father Lehi murmur, Nephi does not. Why do you think Nephi didn't complain? He has a vision higher than the others. He trusted in God and he came up with a solution: fix it. He did not wait for God to fix it for him, he did what he could with what he had to obtain food for his family.
3. Think about Lehi's Dream...Why do you think Satan covered the path with vapor? Why vapor?   Satan tries to blur our view of the blessings from God and the path of our own potential. Satan tricks our mind and makes things unclear. He is the father of confusion.

I love this gospel. I am happy because I have the gospel OF Jesus Christ in my life...how blessed am I.

Hermana Thompson

the night before transfers...
Cartoon Selfies...what I do when I am anxious:P

Monday, October 13, 2014

miracles exist.

Seriously, i about died seeing those cutouts DAD!! good work! my comp thinks we gringos are crazy;) A big ole' Congrats to aunt Kristen on your marriage!! You look beautiful and oh so happy! 

Happy Birthday shout out to Hud!, TT and Paige, and Poppy!! Wish I could celebrate with you!

Okay, well this week was crazy to say the least... tuesday we went to Plaza de Armas to renew my comps visa, wednesday we had divisiones with hna bustamante. thursday we had a mega zone conference. friday we had planificacion (planning). saturday we had planned to go to the temple with Pancho so he could do baptisms for his brothers, but let's just say I caught a virus and was throwing up. I was feeling a little better later in the day, so we went to lunch with family Pereira, I had just a little bit of rice and yeah the virus struck again. I knew there would be opposition surrounding this special day, I just didn't know it would be ME! fome...Hno. Pereira gave me a priesthood blessing and it gave me comfort and helped me have the strength to overcome the bug. We ended up going to the temple, it was so beasutiful. Pancho was so nervous and so was Virginia tambien. The spirit of Elijah was so strong. My comp and I have had so many spiritual experiences with Tomas and Jesus (Pancho's deceased brothers). We could feel their presence and their anxiety (anticipation) for the work to be done...we could feel them present at the temple. Such peace and happiness. Virginia said she felt like she could feel them go to paradise, it was so impressing. They died in water and then they were baptized in water to be brought back to life and save for time and all eternity. Such a great moment. 

We also had a nuevo (new investigator) Gabriela (21 años) and she is so awesome!!!! We contacted her about a week ago and we could just tell she was golden. Altito, we put a fecha for next sunday...she is going to be baptized. She is one of those investigatores that says sí, sí sí.... I love this work.

Really, the temple was the highlight of my week. cualquier opposicion (whatever the opposition), but that doesn't stop us! We just have to keep moving forward, always looking towards Christ. 

I love this gospel and all that comes with it. My life has been blessed tremendously and I have seen the gospel change and bless the lives of so many. I have a personal testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it and I love it.

Hermana Thompson

Special day at the temple for Pancho and his family

Monday, October 6, 2014

time flies when you are having fun!

WOW...this is how I feel just about every week, seriously the work is so great and with general conference this past weekend, it was even better!! I took so many notes and literally, the spirit spoke to me. I know there are so many things that all of us can improve on. The talks were the same in every country and every language, but the difference in conference for everyone is 'what' the Spirit spoke to each of us individually. 

I seriously loved and was so indulged in every talk. I enjoyed their speaking in their native language. The Spirit does not have language barriers, something I have greatly learned while on my mission. Although I still do not speak the language perfectly, I really just need to follow the spirit. 

Well, Monday night we visited with a contact right before curfew. Ana was home as was her paraje and 3 kids and so we taught the whole family... and we put a baptismal date :) yay!!!! That's what I am talking about. They are so prepared, just need to pray to receive an answer.

I loved Elder Ballard's talk about 'staying in the boat'. We find safety in the gospel, safety from the big old ocean that can swallow us up. Stick to the gospel. Be dedicated in learning the basics (prayer, scripture study, fhe, attending the temple), there is where you will always find the answers of how we can strengthen our faith and be more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Seriously every talk was awesome. Like you said dad, they talked a lot about the prophet during sunday morning conference. As missionaries, we felt like most of the talks were puros palos . hahaha. Oh, we watched conference at the stake center in the high counsel room as gringos to enjoy English for just a little bit. I took so many notes I don't even know what to share haha. Sorry, every monday I feel my mind is racing I have so much to share... but then my mind goes blank when I am in front of the computer. 

I seriously love the mission. I love living the gospel so fully, it is such a blessing to be a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST. I know it and I love it.
I love being a Mormon :)

Hermana T
the internet cafe I email from every monday! Gotta love Google Earth;)
the elders burn a white shirt at their halfway mark, AND the hermanas...
WE are ready for General Conference, ARE YOU?!