mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, October 20, 2014

time passes...enjoy the journey

This week flew by! along with this transfer and this year!! It is almost baby Rae´s (Carsyn) birthday... ah. I need more pics of my little girl. I wanted to thank San Ramon 1st ward for the card. Seriously the BEST ward ever! Thank you for all of the love and support! 

Really, I don't remember all that happened this week. But yesterday, Javiera (Investiagdora tiene 14 años (14 years old investigator)) asistió la iglesia con nosotras (attended church with us)!! It was so amazing to see the ward interact with her, especially the youth. They were awesome! It is so important that the ward members are aware when people enter the chapel that they are not familiar with. That first step into the chapel for an investigator is their first impression and many times will determine their progress and desire to learn more about the gospel and come to church. They need to feel  part of a family and that is how it was with Javiera. So awesome! She went off  with a group of young women and the yw leaders invited her to go to the cine (movies) with them this week. 

And... we had cambios today! big surprise, hermana Carretero left and I stayed! I am extremely happy to still be here!! :) Seriously, I love this sector and I love the people. I am hoping to be here for christmas! My new companion is Hermana Salazar from Utah. We have had almost all the same companions and served in the exact same sectors haha. AND we go home together! I am real excited to work with her. We are going to see even more miracles happen here in El Conquistador!!

Spiritual thoughts today: 
1. Pray to God. We all need to know for ourselves if this is His Gospel and His Church. We need to build upon our testimonies every single day.
2. We focused on 1 Nephi 16 this week...Nephi breaks his bow and though his brothers and his father Lehi murmur, Nephi does not. Why do you think Nephi didn't complain? He has a vision higher than the others. He trusted in God and he came up with a solution: fix it. He did not wait for God to fix it for him, he did what he could with what he had to obtain food for his family.
3. Think about Lehi's Dream...Why do you think Satan covered the path with vapor? Why vapor?   Satan tries to blur our view of the blessings from God and the path of our own potential. Satan tricks our mind and makes things unclear. He is the father of confusion.

I love this gospel. I am happy because I have the gospel OF Jesus Christ in my life...how blessed am I.

Hermana Thompson

the night before transfers...
Cartoon Selfies...what I do when I am anxious:P

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