mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Switch up

Happy Birthday Shout-Out to Lisa, Jenny, and  Porter!!!

Surprise! Special Changes...Hermana Farner and I are now traveling hermanas! So this week we took a trip to the coast and did divisiones with Hermana Dominguez and Hermana Heeb. This change entails that we no longer have a sector.  We live with 2 other hermana capactiadoras in Maipù, but we pretty much are bunking at the hermanas' pensions we visit. It is definitely an adventure, but I feel blessed knowing that THIS IS GODS PLAN.

God sometimes sends us curveballs we do not expect, but the important lesson is trusting in Him with a good attitude. Lo mejor no va a ser fácil para nada pero estoy orando mucho a saber exactamente lo que el señor quiere que hagamos con este cambio (at best it's not be easy but I am praying a lot to know exactly what The Lord wants us to do with this change). Like I have said before, God is more worried about our growth than our comfort so here we go...last change of the mission! Embrace the things god throws at you, I know everything happens for a reason. Here is to serving the Lord and doing it His way.

Continue adelante (forward). Put your life in God's hands. Turn it all over to him and I promise, you will be lead.

lots of love
Hermana Thompson

Sushi, elevator, y hot chocolate!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Die hard

WEEK 1! Let's do this thing. I love changes. so much excitement! Hermana Farner and I are dying together in Ochagavìa and guess what...we got a bishop!!!! We had stake conference last sunday and they called a bishop and changed the ward boundaries which means we have partly a new sector!! So unbelievably excited. Work Work. It is the only thing that helps us progress and learn. I am not stopping!

Ah. I love the mission work. We had a lot of success this week finding news. Miracles are coming to pass in Ochagavìa, we found a news, se llama Sara. She is 24 years old and let us in so casually, accepted everything and read all of her homework!! What?!  She understands really well and has great questions, she will be getting baptized the 6 of June. A last minute miracle sunday night at 8:30, a girl named Francisca who actually lived in the states for studies. She is super awesome and ready to accept the gospel. She was looking to join a church, looking for that light of Christ...hey, we got the Truth right here for ya! So awesome. 

We have no time today, sorry it is so short, but I am doing really well and stoked to be here serving the Lord.

"Happy Birthday" shout out to Nicole S, Mimi, and Amber...birthday party!! woop woop

Sending lots of love, especially to the Thompson side of my family. I am so grateful for our eternal family. WE will be reunited with grandma Fran on the other side.
Hna Thompson

"selfie" with the hermanas y President's hija; zona Ochagavìa; we be crazy