mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Switch up

Happy Birthday Shout-Out to Lisa, Jenny, and  Porter!!!

Surprise! Special Changes...Hermana Farner and I are now traveling hermanas! So this week we took a trip to the coast and did divisiones with Hermana Dominguez and Hermana Heeb. This change entails that we no longer have a sector.  We live with 2 other hermana capactiadoras in Maipù, but we pretty much are bunking at the hermanas' pensions we visit. It is definitely an adventure, but I feel blessed knowing that THIS IS GODS PLAN.

God sometimes sends us curveballs we do not expect, but the important lesson is trusting in Him with a good attitude. Lo mejor no va a ser fácil para nada pero estoy orando mucho a saber exactamente lo que el señor quiere que hagamos con este cambio (at best it's not be easy but I am praying a lot to know exactly what The Lord wants us to do with this change). Like I have said before, God is more worried about our growth than our comfort so here we go...last change of the mission! Embrace the things god throws at you, I know everything happens for a reason. Here is to serving the Lord and doing it His way.

Continue adelante (forward). Put your life in God's hands. Turn it all over to him and I promise, you will be lead.

lots of love
Hermana Thompson

Sushi, elevator, y hot chocolate!

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