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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's not too late to change...

wow! Okay so a whole lot happened this week. lol

Yesterday....PANCHO GOT BAPTIZED! It was such an awesome day. Seriously, I cannot even begin to describe it. So the baptism was at 8 in the morining, church starts at 9. We stopped by their house at 7 to walk with them to the church. Pancho was sitting at the table all ready in his suit. (it fit him perfectly! I am so glad we bought it for him) Virginia told us that he woke up several times during the night asking her the time, he was so excited. We also bought him a tie, he looked slick with his suit and tie. We got to the church and snapped some pictures, there were a lot of people there supporting him which was really awesome! He needs the support. While he was in the font he looked at his mom, hna. Dominguez, and at me with just the biggest smile, he was literally glowing. Hermano Galas (recent convert) did the baptism ordinance. It was his first time and everything was perfect, but the bishop said that he forgot an 'and' so he did it 2 times, no big deal. Virginia got up to give her message on baptism and the tears start flowing, she spoke about how Pancho had lost his twin brother about 2 years ago and how she could feel his presence at the baptism. She said that his being baptized twice was a sign from his twin that he wanted to be baptized as well. The spirit was so strong, seriously virginia is a rock...such an inspiration. It was so cool, Pancho was saying all day yo soy feliz (I am happy). You could see the difference in him...he was singing along with all of the hymns, he is reading with his mom every night. He is a future missionary! He is adorable. It is so amazing to see this transformation because when I got to this area, he didn't want anything to do with the church...it was his mom's 'thing'. But something changed him, there was a spark and everything just opened up and I could see the difference in his attitude and in his spirit. We are planning to go to the temple the 6 of september so he can do the work for his brothers. Well, that was yesterday! haha

We had another lesson with Hernan and Karina, we watched The Restoration dvd. There is something so special about seeing and hearing the story of Joseph Smith. After the video Hernan told us that he wasn't really expecting anything to come from our visits, just some gringas (white girls) in the house lol. But then he shared how much he has appreciated having us share the gospel with their family. It was so nice to have someone express appreciation for what we do. That we have helped his family feel the spirit and feel closer to god and know a little more about their savior and his plan, makes me happy. Maybe they won't get baptized right now, but I know that we have done our part, we awoke something inside of him, planted a seed. Our sole purpose is to invite people to come unto christ. 

Something we missionaries think is awesome is when a recent convert and an investigator give you referencias to teach their friends! We had 2 nuevos investigators this week thanks to Virgina and Veronica. Seriously so great! Share your friends with the missionaries :) Actually, tambien yesterday there were 2 baptisms after church that were referencias from a family in the ward. hint hint...

We had a lesson with Virginia, Pancho and their friend Fanny last night and Pancho says, "esta iglesia es Bakán" This church is cool. It's true, this church is cool. We are just one big happy family :)

Never too young to learn, never too old to change!

I know this church is true. I love it :) this is CHRIST'S church. 

hasta ver hasta ver hasta ver  

Hna Thompson
Pancho's Baptism
Casa Nuestra

what I do when my comp is in el baño...selfies;)

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