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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015=8 infinite makes this year unforgettable

Okay okay okay...

Let's start this year off great!! I put a ton of goals for this year, things I really want to implement in to my day to day life, goals that will help me grow throughout my life. I loved taking time to sit down and really think about the things I want to accomplish this year. 

This week I did a lot of reflecting on what I did well in 2014 and the things I can definitely do better. I also asked myself  "what am I doing right now to become a better disciple of christ and what I am going to do right now to become a better disciple?" 

Oh my gosh, so on Monday we had a lesson with a menos actova se llama (a less active, her name is) Z at 8:30, she wants her daughter who is 9 to get baptized. (I think I talked about them last week) But anyway, we went to show her the restoration video so she can gain a testimony of José Smith, and oh gosh, cualquier oposición a verlo (opposition in all things)! I was going crazy, praying and praying we could get the dvd to work...the DVD player was rejecting the DVD, then we tried looking for it on youtube and the internet connection wouldn't work, then the volume on the computer wouldn't work, aye aye aye aye aye. Por fin (at last) we got it working at like 8:55; it's a 20 min video and we have to be in OUR house at 9:30 at the latest. We shared our testimonies quickly after the video and ran home with seriously 30 secondsa to spare...woah...the devil does not want us to have success here! He knows as well as we know that God is preparing hearts for us to teach. I just really don't like satan... 

Yesterday we had a great asistencia! Let me tell you a little bit about P... She has 29 years and a little boy that has 3. She got baptized when she was 15. She went to Seminary, Institute and was even prepraring for a misión when satan influenced her until she stopped going to church. Hermana Salazar and I talked with her outside of her house one day to see if we could teach her about an awesome message we have :) When she told us she was a member and actually tiene ganas a regresar (wants to return)!! Dios prepara los corazones de las personas (God prepares the hearts of the people)!! She came to church yesterday for the first time in years! She came in a cute dress looking all pretty, she even beat us to church. We passed by her house to walk with her and her paraje told us she was at church. We were panicking that she forgot about the time change from 9 to 11, we walked quickly to church to find her sitting in relief society with a smile on her face. I love this work!! 

This week I feel like we have talked a lot about obedience...obedience to the commandments, obedience to the spirit, to that quiet little voice in our head. Obedience truly allows us to do well in this life with success. This week try to be obedient to every rule to every prompting you receive from the holy ghost. 

Happy Birthday to Max and congrats on your baptism! It is such a big step in your life, make it a special day. You will never forget it :)
Happy Birthday Luke y Norah y Navy!

If the Savior stood beside me...
Reflect, Change and Act

sending my love across the miles...
Hermana Thompson

Feliz Año nuevo!

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