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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello Hello

f any of you have a secret for how to slow down time down, I would love to hear. thanks!

Bueno... This week we have been focusing on helping Javi y Agust find la respuesta  (the answer) if they should be baptized or not. Agust has been so excited. He came up to us "Tia Tia Tia me voy a bautizarme, estoy tomando leche" (auntie auntie auntie, I am going to be baptized, I am drinking milk)!! hahaha It was hilarious, he knows the Word of Wisdom :) We have had some awesome experiences with these families. Wow. I know I can't express it through words but I have seen such a change in every single one of them.

This week Car told us that she knows this church is true. WHAT. I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear and feel the words of an investigator say those words in a sentence. And Cesar has shared with us a little bit about his conversión. He has noticed the spiritual change in himself. I know we have definitely seen it, but for him to recognize this change within himself is so awesome. And yesterday in church, they both shared their testimonies. I know the spirit touched everyone's heart through their words.

So, we have been passing by for Javi like I said earlier because she has been feeling scared, she is not sure quite what she wants to do. She knows the church is true but doesn't know if she wants to get baptized. I believe it is for fear of being different. But I also know how strong she is. She has been praying and reading but just feels like God hasn't answered her prayers. She is turning 15... I think for everyone, it can be difficult sometimes to figure out how the spirit speaks to us individually. Well, on  Saturday she went to a stake mutual and then stayed for a baptism which we attended with her mom and brother. Car got really emotional during the baptism and told us she wants to be baptized... but for algunas cosas no puede hacerlo por ahora (some stuff is not able to do it now). After the baptism we were all just kind of chatting and Javi comes up to us and says "I am going to get baptized." AH!!!! Seriously it was so cool. The baptism made the little change in her heart that she needed...that Little prick of the spirit. They are so ready and they have so much support from the Ward.

Yesterday we also had a menos activa Pauli asisitió con su hijo (less active attend with his son). I just love when families come together at church, it is the best feeling.

I know how important the spirit is in everything we do. In my scripture study this week, I read a lot about the spirit and it is seriously so important to recognize when the spirit talks to us. Denying the holy ghost is the one unpardonable sin. I have really focused on the Trinity. They are 1, so when we deny the holy ghost, we deny god and when we deny god, we are denying the other 2. I just love the knowledge and enlightenment the holy ghost gives us! It provides so much understanding.

Mosiah 24:10-15 God is listening, turn over your load to Him.

Happy Birthday Crew bug!! <3

Hermana Thompson
a day in the life of a sister missionary's p-day!

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