mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Miracles happen!!

I am going strong strong with 5 cambios (changes) in this sector!! I absolutely love it. I feel part of the Ward, haha, it's awesome. So yeah, that's it with cambios. It was so weird to be in reunión de cambios tranquilla (quiet meeting changes)... haha I always have changes, either sector or compañera (area or companion). But this time I am sticking with El Conquistador y Hermana Gonzalez.

Ah. oh my gosh this week... ay ay ay... where to begin! We have seen so many miracles! We can definitely see the Lord blessing us for our diligence and patience. Seriously an unbelievable week! We are just going to skip to this saturday, alrighty...

So Friday the líderes de zona nos dieron una referencia (zone leaders gave us a reference named) se llama Javier, ellos están enseñando su primo (they are teaching her cousin). However, the only information they gave us was his name and the Street name saying he lives in a blue house... let me tell you a little about our sector, half of the houses are blue haha. We were determined to find him so we just decided to knock all of the blue houses asking for Javier and if they say "no'  just contact them lol. Well, we were getting to the end of the street and kept asking for Javier... there were some little kids out front playing in the pool and we asked if Javier lived there and they said his whole name, haha not knowing if it was him, we said yes lol. As it turns out it was him. His cousin who the zone leaders are teaching was even there so we taught both of them and his mom... and guess what, he accepted a fecha (baptismal date)! for the 31 of january. He was born with an enfermedad (infirmity) where the right side of his body is paralyzed, and it turns out his mom's aunt is a member...any person you talk to in Chile has a family member that is a member of the church!

After the lesson with Javier we went to look for Cesar, Carla, Javiera, Agustine,y Máximo to go to the ward Family Home Evening. On tuesday, we took the 2nd counselor of the bishopric with us to give a blessing and on our way, we found carla y cesar en la plaza... we talked with them a little bit and went back with him the next day to give a blessing on their house. Well, the counselor has gone back a couple times now to visit them! The ward members are such big helps in conversions!! Anyway, they came with us to the FHE and margarita (ma) came with her daughter también. Seriously, it was just amazing to have so many people participate, it was fun and spiritual. These people have become my family. And then Carla y Cesar had an interview with bishop...even better!! I can't even tell you how giddy I was this week to see the progression of these people that I have come to love so much, absolutely amazing. Seeing the changes they are making in their lives to follow Christ is unbelievable... usually cesar y carla trabaja en la feria los días domingos (work at the fair on sundays) but they told us they have decided not go to work but to come to church! oh yeah, I neglected to mention that last week Carla asistió con su suegra en (attended with his mother in) Rancagua! Sunday we went to church with all 5 of them and Margarita came with her daughter that isn't a member! I can't express the felicidad (happiness) there is sitting in the sacrament meeting surrounded by people you love that you know are making big sacrifices to be there. Javiera told us today that they are even going to stop buying tea to start keeping the Word of Wisdom. Miracles Miracles Miracles.

Oh, Emily who has a fecha for the 1 of feb, also went to church with us. We ended up having 8 investigators at church with us!! Seriously amazing. I love this work. I love the Lord!!

Congrats Max on your baptism!! and Happy Birthday Navy beans!!

Hermana Thompson

Ailene, Hrna G., Javiera, Carla, Agustine, Cesar y Maximo, Ailene, Cynthia, Margarita, Ghisleyn, y Jujunis,
my little daughter, 
Karina y Amanda
Thanks Mimi, Grandma, y mi Papas for the christmas packages!
Javiera y maximo

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