mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Look up, christ is there


Nuestros investigadores están progresando bien rápido.. un día por el otro. De verdad este sector es oro... siento parte de la villa y el barrio... nunca quiero salir de aquí.  (Our investigators are progressing very quickly...one day at a time.  Really this area is golden… I feel a part of this area and the ward… I never want to leave here.)

Entonces (then)... We have been passing by for J_____ every day to see how she is progressing. and everything looks good :) She seriously is so awesome. i have grown so much amor (love) for this family.. i just want to take them with me to the states one day. So they are not doing really well financially at this moment as they have been changing jobs and their old job didn't pay them what they should have...money is very tight. But instead of going to work in the feria (market) yesterday like they usually do they stayed firm in their promise to God to grow closer to him and go to church. I love seeing them there, they just fit right in. They sang the songs and commented on everything. I love sharing the gospel!!

I think a lot of times we are too scared to confide in the lord...many times it seems we try  to do things our own way. But I know that when we put our faith and trust in God, even when it is difícil (hard), he will bless us and life will be 10 times better than if we did it our own way. God and Christ should be included in every aspect of our life. Religion is not just saved for Sunday, it is a way of life. It is this life. It is our purpose here.

Hey Dad, you are always asking for food stories... this week we went to lunch and the hermana (sister) asked if we eat everything and we said yeah and as soon as we said that she pulled out a cow stomach and cuts it open...and then serves it to us with rice and beans. My comp always says "rice and beans and Jesus Christ are all the things you need in life"...PERO quatitas (but stomach) NO! I am not sure exactly what we ate but I am pretty sure it was like the lining of the stomach... I don't know, but it was quite funny. My comp and I looked at each other and said "quatitas (stomach), ay ay ay!"

Las semanas están pasando muy rapído... quiero que el tiempo para. (The weeks are flying by… I want the time to stop.)

The misión is the best. Christ has seriously become my best friend. This week I have been studying a lot about the plan of salvation and the key role of Christ. If Christ even messed up once or gave into Satan just once, then we would not be able to be saved. But because he WAS perfect and loved us so much, he completed all that he was sent to do. Think about how many times Satan tempts us everyday and how many times we give in. Satan tempted Christ even more... and He NEVER fell. He is our Savior and for that I am extremely grateful. Christ lives. He gave us the perfect example to follow. Follow in his footsteps as He too walked through this crazy world.

I know that Christ restored his gospel through Joseph Smith. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ holds the keys to do sacred ordinances here on earth.

Happy Birthday Ty, Ryan Cody, and Rachel S. this week!

Remember Christ every day... He remembered us every second of his life!

Hermana T

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