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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chilena pride!

Okay so this week...it was a little rough because the 18 of septiembre es Independence Day here so that kind of put a little damper on our week, but we worked nonetheless killing it with our contacts! We ate a lot of bbq and empandas this week...I seriously felt so sick, I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds just this week... ay no. Chilenos show their amore con comida (love with food)!!! They have a whole lot of love for us cause man we eat a lot! lol 

Happy Birthday grandma!!!! Still young as ever. 

Last monday we had a lesson with Maria, José, and Gabriela...Katy Reyes acompanied us. (Katy is the one who added me on insta and showed me the selfie posts that were intended "for YOUR eyes only" haha; she says is going to come stay with us in california some day :)) Well, it was a really good lesson, we watched the restoration and we invited them to get on their knees and ask god, like José Smith, which church is true. 

Saturday we went over to hernan and karina because it was Isais's birthday! It was awesome because they had friends over and hernan was just telling them how we have influenced their life and helped them conocer dios mejor y todo. tan bákan (to better know god and all. super cool). I love this family, seriously they are so awesome. He was telling them about the blessings he has seen in his life since we have been teaching them...he miraculously found a job when he was sin pega por mucho tiempo (without hits for a long time). We were knocking doors saturday morning and they drove by and were honking and yelling "Hermana Thompson"...it was really funny and a little embarassing. 

oh, ayer we changed the schedule of church. We started with sociedad de socorro y sacerdocio (relief society and priesthood) and then escuela dominical y despues la reunion sacramental sunday school and after that sacrament meeting. It was really weird but kinda cool to switch it up a bit.

I had scripures to share from my studies this week, but I forgot my book...next week. 

That is about it for this week. The work is going strong here in la villa and my companion is great. We love this work! When you love the work, you are able to recognize the miracles that happen every day. The gospel is amazing. I love it.

"ojos de la fe" (eyes of faith). I was reading about the hermano de jared seta semana (brother of jared this week); the lord could not behold the veil from the eyes of him because his faith was so strong. If we open our eyes we will see the hand of god in our lives.

God answers our prayers. Hermana Carretero and I had many manifestations of this during the week. We prayed to know what to do and literally within minutes we knew exactly where we needed to go and what we needed to do. God is aware of our worries, he WILL answer our prayers. 

Hermana Thompson

chi chi chi le le le ¡Viva Chile!
mote huesillo (boiled wheat & peach)

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