mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 30, 2015

spirituality Uplifts

I feel so blessed to be a missionary, to represent Christ. Seriously every day is such a spiritual uplift. I learned a lot this week, so I am going to do a bunch of points...no màs. 

We do not know how much good we really can do. Focus on recognizing the difference we make on other people's lives every day.

We are creatures of action... we were not created to be acted upon. We ALWAYS have control, whether we do so or not is up to us. Take action, change it if you don't like something.

We cannot compare ourselves to one another in this life because we all have had different pasts and will have different futures. We are to help one another progress on the path back to our Heavenly Home.

Weaknesses and sins are different, but through the atonement we have the ability to overcome them both. (Ether 12:27) I am really trying to be humble and praying to recognize my weakness so I may be a better disciple.

As Easter is coming up, I have done a lot of reflecting on Christ's life. The church came out with this video, I don't know how it is in English. but in Spanish it is called "gracias a que èl vive" (Because He lives)...absolutely amazing! The video helped me realize that 1.  We are NEVER alone 2. Because Christ overcame death and atoned for ALL of our sins, our sufferings, we too can overcome ALL of them. He suffered so He knows our pain, in Him we have hope and strength. We can lean on Him as we strive to keep moving forward in difficult times. Christ loves us. He overcome this life and we too will overcome death one day. But how we live in our 'perfect' body depends on how we live right now. The decisions we make today, tomorrow, and so will determine how comfortable we will 'be' in that perfected body. 

Christ is amazing, because of Him we can not only be saved by Grace, but we can be changed by Grace. He atoned for each one of us so that when we mess up, we may try again and again and again. THAT is the hope and beauty of the Atonement. I know that Christ lives. He is changing me every day. I have really come to know Him because I understand a little better his sacrifice, that is they key to knowing Christ. Knowing and accepting what He did for me personally; not just for the world, but for ME. Thanks that He lives, I can keep fighting every day to change and improve...I love that! I can be transformed by grace and I can be helped along the way. I cannot begin to express the love I have for Christ or all the feelings and thoughts I have about the Atonement. Christ lives. I can feel Him. He is close. 

This week Hermana Farner and I focused a lot on Christ's grace. 
Mom, I hope you really focus every lesson in young women on the Atonement, it is what everyone needs to understand. Seriously, if a person understands the Atonement they will understand the rest of the gospel. Look for the 'Talk' Brad Wilcox gave July 12 2011 on "Grace"...absolutely amazing. Another 'Talk' to read is in the Ensign April 2015 issue called "It is not a sin to be Weak", so good.

Happy Birthday to Lorna ;) Happy Birthday to Nick! Happy Birthday to Beebe! 

Keep going strong. You have the biggest power source behind you. Trust in that power to climb the mountain in front of you.

lots of love

Hermana Thompson

feeling a little artsy!
Back in El Conquistador for the day...miss mi hija and these 2 crazies 
Ochagavìa life! Wishing we had a car...
Santa Lucia (small hill in the centre of Santiago)

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