mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Miracle Mile

Happy Birthday Uncle Bones!

Thank you Mimi for the birthday card :)
Daddy, thanks for the necklace and the card, you are the best! I am wearing the necklace backwards so no one knows my names starts with a "K". haha  

Another awesome week here in Ochagav├Ča. I have been learning and growing so much. There is nothing better than witnessing yourself overcome weaknesses. I have really been focusing on the things I can personally change so I may better help others make changes in their own lives. As we change, we take one step closer to Salvation. That is what we are all here for...to prepare ourselves to live with God again. Alma 34:32

"P" is progressing well. She came to the Relief Society activity with her mom and sister on Saturday and had a blast. Yesterday we attended a fireside given by President with her. We think she needs a little more comprension (understanding) though before she will be ready for baptism...she has the desire  :)

I am absolutely loving doing divisiones (divisions/exchanges). It is so awesome to serve with some many different hermanas (sister missionaries). There are so many awesome hermanas here in the mission. 

Read the talk by Elder Ballard from last Conference called "Stay in the Boat". Inspiring! I even drew a picture in my study journal this morning :)

2 Nefi 2:8 Pascua (Easter) is coming up so get prepared!

Lots of Love
Hermana Thompson

Sorry for not sending pictures but it is pretty ghetto here in this area and I am afraid of plugging in my camera to the computer and losing my photos...so sorry!!

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