mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Walk with the angels

I love Ochagavìa!! God has so many miracles waiting for us. Seriously, I am so stoked to be here, we have a whole lot of work to do; especially with our calling as sister training leaders. We are getting really good at using our time effectively. We seriously do not have any minute to waste. It is such a challenge. I can feel God pushing us to learn and grow. We had 4 in-actives come to church yesterday that have not been in years... and I mean years! haha. 

SO this last week we started cleaning through el Rescate (the rescue book) to see if we could find inactivos that were ready to feel the spirit y tenían ganas a regresar (eager to return). We happened to find Pedro...golden, future bishop lol. Well, he came yesterday and told a member he is never again going to miss a sunday. so happy!!! :)

We did our first divisiones or splits as hermana lideres capacitadoras (sister training leaders). I feel as though I will be learning way more from the hermanas than they will from me... lol but hermana Farner and I came up with a theme...mi misión es mi siòn (my mission is my Zion). We are really focusing on unifying each companionship & strengthening their faith in God's work and in Christ's Atonement. We are also focusing on being obedient with exactness. Like my mom says, if you aren't 5 minutes early you are late. We should always try to be more obedient than we need to be. Don't ever try to push the line, that is quite frankly when we fall...and the fall may be bad. 

I am learning so much from hermana Farner, she is a BOSS. Seriously maquina (a machine):) 

Spiritual Thought. When Christ was in the garden of Gethsamane, He suffered for EVERY single one of us. But more than that, He saw our faces, He understood everything we would pass through in this life. Knowing the pain and affliction, He CHOSE to suffer so He could walk with us. We are not alone. Christ loves us. He knows us personally. He suffered first. 

I know I am not alone in this work, I can feel angels here working along with us. The ancestors of the people we are teaching are preparing their hearts. I love this so much. I am never going home. Sorry fam :)

forever Hermana Thompson

My dad's Mission President, Elder González y his wife
I love Chile, birthdays, & my chilean friends!

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