mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, June 30, 2014

work work work

We are working really hard in this sector. This is my companion's 3 cambio aqui (change here). She has pretty much contacted all of our sector lol. Actually, we have contacted the same people. oops haha. One night we tried handing out a pass along to a couple that we had apparently talked to the night before.. haha what do you do when you have contacted the whole sector? nah we have a lot of work still to do. 

We had a cool experience with a menos activo (less active) 3 nights ago.  We were talking to people in the streets and we happened to begin contacting this guy and my comp asked if he has heard about the book of mormon and he was like 'yeah actually i am mormon'. whatttt? His name is Fabio and we have passed by his house so many times but he is never in his house. he is 20 years old and has a kid, so he works day and night, but he said we could pass by today! miracle. We have actually found quite a few menos activos (less actives) who don't fall in our registros (records). We have this book "El Rescate" (The Rescue) the assistants made and every barrio (ward) has one...each companionship, bishop, sumosacerdote (high priest), lider misional (mission leader), and relief society. It has the direction and name of every member in the ward boundaries, future elders, men who haven't served missions, members who haven't been baptized. this book is our life, it is seriously such an awesome tool that our mission has to help with the plan piloto (pilot plan)

Oh mom, Mason Porter's comp right now is my friend from the CCM!!  crazy. he is a great guy! 

There is a lady in our ward named Gloria. She is from another religion, but has a super strong testimony of this church. It is a little odd, but some habits are hard to get rid of. I said the closing prayer and she was repeating everything I said hahaha and then at the end she said 'Amen Amen Amen AMEN'. 

We are working hard here in Los Cerrillos, searching for the people who are ready to accept the truth. There is a lot of work to do but, as we say here, we are here "sacar la mugre" (get rid of the grime)

In church yesterday we talked about how we as members are examples. People watch us and our actions represent the church. On the mission you learn a whole lot of obedience.  We have many rules for our protection. We work closely with many different people and when one person or a missionary is not completely obedient it effects others and the outcome. Your obedience will always effect other people.  Obedience with exactness!

¡Chi Chi Chi Le LeLe VIVA CHILE!

 Sorry I don't really have much to tell, all the days are smushed togther..
tomorrow I will have completed 6 months in the mission!! time is flying... holycow! I love my mission and I love this gospel!

Hermana T

dad, how do you like this mercedes dealership?!
los perros
I workout AND preach the gospel
Chilean Night Sky 

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