mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, July 7, 2014

the Lord has a plan

This week literally flew by! I literally can not believe how fast the time is going by. So,  it is really cold here lol but the sun is shining today! Mom and Dad I don't appreciate the trunkie pics of the beach haha. I am doing well chugging along in this sector. There is a lot of work to do here and we are working hard.

We had a miracle yesterday! There is an abuelita (grandma) (Estelita) in our sector, she probably has 86 years. She has a dificult time walking and so her son's ex-wife (Maria) lives with her and takes care of her. IT just so happens that Maria is not a member :) entonces of course we are teaching her and they both were at church yesterday! Maria is so prepared it is amazing. She has such a desire to learn, but it is a little difficult to focus on her because Estelita loves attention. haha But yesterday was the first time Estelita has been to church in a long time. Maria has a baptism date for the 20 of July. Amazing!

We are seeing some fruits from our labor. We have an investigadora se llama (investigator named) Susana. Her husband left her about a year ago and she has 4 kids. The youngest is like 2 and a half. So she is always super busy but she knows that the church is good for her family. She is inteerested in the programs for the youth because oh man does that help during high school haha. We are helping them get involved in activities and yeah, she is really prepared. She has the perfect questions and such faith in God. She knows God sent us to her home to help her find peace.

We got a call Saturday from one of menos activas (less actives) and she was bawling. Her little dog passed away and literally this dog was like her baby. We went to visit with her and comfot her. It was interesting because just the day before we were talking about animals with a different member during our lunch. All animals were created by God. They are also special spirits. Obviously not to the same extent as human beings but if they are spirits before this life isn't there a place for them after? it's an interesting concept... all things were created by God and so all things have life..

Our members were telling us how a second branch was just opened in Cuba. Wow. The second coming is near haha, prepare yourselves now. I have been reading in Doctrine and Covenants every day and so many times it says 'The field is while all ready to harvest'. The work is moving forward so quickly and as missionaries we need the help from members like YOU. Literally, there is NO missionary work without the members. Invite the missionaries over for family home evening; don't be afraid to talk about the gospel with your friends. 

I read the '4 minutes talk' in this last general conference and wow I seriously love it. Our life here on Earth is like the 4 minutes of an olympic run. We spent so much time before this life preparing for this, right now, and we will spend an eternity reflecting and how we performed. Your 4 minutes is NOW and the clock is ticking... How are you spending your 4 minutes?

We taught the principios del evangelio (Gospel Principles) class yesterday. Capitulo (chapter) 4 about the organization of the priesthood. Seriously the church is so organized, it's amazing. Look in the scriptures. Everything we have in the goepsl is to help us progress. There are so many stepping stones to help us along the way. If you have some down time, read this book (Preach My Gospel), it is seriously so simple that our investiagtors can understand the basics but there is so much great information for members too. I love it. I love the 1 hour I have everyday to study the gospel. seriously it is my precious cherised time. I often spend nights reading and studying hasta (until) I need to turn the lights off at 10:30 lol

We have Zone conference every change and we talked a lot about How we can become more converted? Conversion is not something we can accomplish. It is something we have to continually work on. We can't get to a point and say 'okay, I am converted'. There is no point, it is progression and we can always be more converted unto the lord. I want to ask you a question: How can we become more converted unto the Gospel and unto Christ?

Mom and Dad I think I will be coming home the 21 of July as well... hahaha. I am not exactly sure, but how cool would that be for both Cole and I to come the SAME DAY!!!!

Much love, enjoy the summer weather

I know that our savior LIVES!
Hermana Thompson
Hermana Dominguez

I can just imagine Christ come through these clouds. I have been studying a lot about the second coming and i just fell in love with this image I had to take a picture. Isn't it just beautiful. There is so much beauty in this earth. wow. I am in awe.  

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