mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Okay, I don't remember if you remember Kiara, la niña from El Manzano, but she was baptized last sunday!!!!! AH I can't believe it :) :) :) :) mi watona!! This family are rockstars! My joy is so full, but I am a little sad I wasn't able to attend. Though the important thing is she has accepted the gospel and has made her first covenant with heavenly father. 
Okay, so martes I went on divisions with Hermana Pereira, I lived with her in Padre Hurtado. It was so fun to catch up with her and work in Pajaritos!
Thursday we put a fecha with our new investigator Fernando for 10 de agosto!! milagro. 
Okay, for saturday... our big and crazy day lol So we had a capacitacion especial (special training from 9 to 11) in republica a las 9 haste 11, then we had a porotada (church activity at 12 where we ate beans) super famous here lol a las 12, and had to be at the temple a las 2. We were literally running for todos los partes (the parties). So we didn't get out of the capacitacion until 1 which was the time we had to leave for the temple. oops. So we called Marco e Isabel and we took the metro to the temple and met up with them. Cualquier (opposition) haha. Satan really didn't want us to go to the temple. We got to the temple and the presidente of the temple explained the baptism font. He talked for like 20 minutes and it was really great for Marco e Isabel to hear it all explained in the temple, it was their first time. He talked about how some of the people whose names were being done died in 1500 and they have been waiting for over 500 years to leave spirit prison. The work we do in the temple is SO important. It went along perfectly with what was talked about in the capacitacion con president; we were talking about how only through baptism with the proper authority can we receive a remission for our sins. Baptism is NECESSARY.
Marco e Isabel were literally glowing in the temple. Marco was so funny when he was being baptized for his abuelo(grandpa) y el tío (uncle) de Isabel. His grin was so big haha. It was such a neat experience and the spirit of elias was so strong! And we had a whole lot of difficulties submitting the names and getting to the temple, but that just made it that much more special. After that we had a late lunch at the church at like 5. They gave us a mountain of beans hahahaha. Mom, I am doing my exercises, but that doesn't discount all of the food I eat... what can I say I am enjoying the mission and they feed us too much:) hahah. 
Then we had a lesson with an inactiva, Patricia. We hadn't been able to find her for like 4 weeks, that's a long time in a 6 week cambia lol. But she said the missionaries always seem to find her at the precise time...her husband's mom had just passed away the day before. We talked a lot about how we were literally just in the temple and how president was talking about temple work. Literally, everything we talk about we always use during that day in a lesson. I know that we are literal instruments in this work, it was a really cool experience. She is having a hard time dealing with it all, but we were able to bring the Spirit into her home and I know the spirit touched her heart.

Marco taught principios del evangelic (gospel principles) yesterday and was so nervous, but he was great. It is really cool to see people grow and learn in the gospel. 

Be a mission family. There are people in your life waiting to hear the truth.

I love you

ps: all of the pictures of the Thompson family together made me just a little bit trunkie...man our family is so good looking!!

chao! untill next week

Hermana Thompson
The church is true!
closest I am going to get to home for the next year

Hermana Pereira
Marco e Isabel

fake snow!

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