mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Let Christ heal you

well this past week was quite long...haha. Today we ended up switching houses with the Elders so our p-day was spent cleaning and organizing. woohoo! the place is nice, a little smaller, but it will work. Living in a different country has humbled me so much. In the states, we have everything at hand; we have many more opportunities in the USA. We now live super close to menos activos y (less actives and) Monica y Hellen which is cool because we will always be seeing them in the street and can remind them to choose the right! lol

So, Adriana, Josè, y Kiara were at church yeterday and they talked with the bishop....they are getting married!!!!! ahhh, such a huge milagro de verdad (true miracle). wow. The power of the priesthood is real. Kiara is going to be baptized this sunday, the 15th. She is so ready, such a special little girl. She prayed in front of the entire primary yesterday,  she is my little watona. Josè will be baptized once they tie the knot...they will get married in a month or so. Seriously, this family is so prepared to accept the gospel and return to church. They are doing literally everything they can to live in obedience to the gospel. They are such an inspiration to me. Josè is still learning, but he has been sharing his knowledge with his companion de trabajo (his work partner). 

Ayer tuvimos un bautismo de Sebastian (yesterday we had Sebastian's baptism). He is 8, so technically he wasn't our baptism. But he is the son of familia Turedo and we taught him all of the lessons. The family is less active, but they are so great. I feel like I am home at their house, they ALWAYS give us food and for this I am gordita right now. woohoo. haha. Veronica's dad is hilarious too. So much love for this family!

There was another family in the chapel yesterday and wow, miracle. The husband and his wife's  children are less active and have been 'whatever' with the church. They were all in a bad car accident about 2 months ago, the wife's mom died and their daughter was paralyzed, but only temporarily.  They ALL attended church! Ah, I love Sundays!!! We are seeing a lot of miracles in our sector!

We had a reunion con 4 zonas en Melipilla (a 4 zone reunion in Melipilla) and I saw my 'madre' hermana Parks! So great to see her. President and Hermana Barreiros spoke and got us really motivated for the month ahead as it is an important time for our mission with this Plan Piloto. Oh, we also had a reunion de zona el miercoles (zone reunion on wednesday) and wow, so powerful. The spirit was so strong, we talked a lot about the atonement and I am SO grateful for the opportunity I have to testify of Christ every minute I am here. There is seriously nothing like it. I love my Savior. I am so grateful for his life and his sacrifice for me and for you. 

Christ lives. I know it and I know him.
La iglesia (the church) is a hospital and we are all sick; we need Christ to be healed from our sins and illnesses. The bishop is the nurse who assists Christ during our healing process. 

Te amo
Hermana T

PS: did I mention I had fleas?! Ya, that was fun, NOT! But yeah they are gone now... (Rick told her to stop touching the dogs;)

reunited for the day;)
showing off Elder Dimas' gifts he is taking home to his family (he dies in 1 week) 

ya, dogs have fleas!! 
Sebastian's baptism

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