mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, June 2, 2014

5 meses

Wow. Time is seriously just flying by. Yesterday was my 5 month mark. I seriously cannot believe it. okay, 5 months really isn't that long but I am almost 1/3 of the way done with my mission. weh. I don't want it to end! I just love living and breathing the gospel. A mission is seriously something just so special. I am so grateful for the experiences I am having. 

So, as most of you know yesterday was Fast Sunday. It was so awesome, so many people got up and bore their testimonies. The spirit is so strong when people testify. There were about 10 kids that went up and bore their testimonies. There really is just something so sweet about kids. Their desire to follow Christ is so grand and they just want to share what they know with everyone. A simple testimony goes such a long way. Carsyn and Chris share your testimonies with mom and dad and with emily. All my little (& big) cousins, I want to hear your testimonies...write them down and send them to me:)

This week was great as usual haha. We had divisions with our hermana leader. We had a great day with 6 lessons and we put some fechas and had a nuevo. We also had interviews with president thursday and oh that man is so special. Seriously he is so great! He is so close to the spirit and I can just feel his love when he talks to me. He knows exactly what I need. 

This week we focused a lot on caridad y amor. the first and great commandment is to Love God with everything that we have. When we complete this everything else is so much easier to fulfill. 

Ether 1: 35, 37, 39 cry unto the Lord. 3 times he does this. cry unto the Lord. I want to testify as to what Cole was saying about the importance of prayer. There is no prayer that is unheard. No, not one! He is ALWAYS listening, pour out your heart unto him. Make every prayer meaningful. 

Actitud (I can't think of the word in english...) is such an important characteristic. our actitud (attitude) leads to desires which leads to thoughts to actions to habits to who we are. It also starts with our actitud. if you want to change, change your actitud. 

We had a lesson with Marcelo this week and he is so interested. He has so many questions, it is wonderful !

We did a ton of service for the members this week. I love helping people. I love sharing the gospel!

I know Christ lives. I know this is the true church of Christ. I know my family is eternal. I know we have a living prophet on the earth today. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know.

much love,

Hermana T
just clowning around
yes, we are confident hermanas;)

i am still crazy
a house at the end of our sector
breathtaking sunsets


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