mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 3, 2014

mission life!


Well I don't really ever know where to start with these emails. lol We had some big and small miracles this week. We found 2 new investigaors who are golden, a mom and her 13 year old daughter. They want the happiness that we have as members of the church. 

this past week we had reunion de greenies. I got to see some mtc buddies supér great!! We disucussed disafios (decisions) we have in life and how we always have a choice to make...we can make things better. When we have something that isn't going right, YOU FIX IT! You can be the solution to your problems. We have no limitations; do not limit yourself on what you can accomplish. We watched this mormon video of ingrid Maldonado. She has no legs, but yet she goes thru life with a smile on her face. She does not let it stop her. Uncle Wyatt, you are an inspiration to me as you go through life and tackle this trial with optimisim. 

I saw Elder Porter!! (funny thing is my mom was with his mom on saturday too;) I didn't have my camera though so he has a picture. Sabado, we had a conference with Elder Evans of the Seventy. The 4 Santiago missions came to listen. I got to see familiar faces from the CCM as well. Super cool! what an inspiring day though for realz. He talked about so much i took 6 pages of notes in our mission study journal. We talked a lot about being faithful and enduring to the end! It was a lot about how to be better missioanires and helping our investigators. There is a contagious optimism we need to have as missionaries and as members. I realized that as we taught our new investigators, Natalia said "I want to know what you know." That hit me...WE have the truth. People are yearning for what we as members have. You get in life what you put in to life. If you go for happiness you can get happiness!

A man in our ward made us hamburgers, holy cow. I haven't enjoyed a hamburger as much as I did then haha.

We were waiting outside of our casa for a member to pick up her daughter and this guy on a motorcycle pulls up, totally creepy. we kind of freaked out for a second, but come to find out he is a less active member. It's amazing what power this name tag I  wear carries. 

We are working a lot with less active members and old investigators right now. We went to visit a less active Paola, her husband is not a member, but is now our investigator :) He is super interested in our message and is reading the book of mormon! I hope he is able to really feel the spirit and come to know for himself that the book is true. 

I have been reading the Liahona every night before bed and absolutely love the talks. If you have the liahona read it. I have found answers to some of my questions in it. 

Well that is it for this week. hasta luego

Hermana Thompson

Mi Casa in Peñaflor!


I found Elder Porter at a 3 Mission Conference!!

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