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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 2 en Padre Hurtado

Well, I officially finished my first full week en el campo. Oh how I love this work so much!! Yesterday I woke up to the hermanas singing feliz cumpleanos to me. They made me waffles and omelets. great start to the day! We went to church and walked like an hour away for almuerzo haha. Everyone here eats a big lunch and then at like 8 or 9pm, they eat an evening snack called 'once', usually just bread, ham, and ecco or matte. yum yum. People give us free fruit all the time, so good. I have consumed more fruit here than ever before! Anyway, we had a couple of lessons yesterday, though did not all go as planned. eek. We have a family of investigators. We taught the restoration and they believe joseph smith was a prophet, but the father is superrrrrrrrr evangelical and doesn't see the need to leave his church and join ours because he  says christ isn't going to save just 1 religion, he is going to save people. guh. frustrating! We talked about the proper priesthood authority and all that but he just doesn't get it. We are going to keep working on them though. I have faith! I know God can works miracles. There are tender mercies of the Lord in all of our lives every day. I ended my birthday with cake and ice cream thanks to the lovely ladies I live with! 

This week we talked a lot about faith. Fear is the opposite of faith. I was reading in the Liahona during personal study and I read some stories about acting in faith. In the exact moment when we put our trust in God and take a step of faith is when he blesses us and our faith increases. But we have to ACT. Alot of our investigators believe the message is true, but won't do anything about it...they don't to go to church or whatever; it is super frustrating. Ether 12:6 reads, 'After the trial of our faith comes the miracles'. It is scary, but we have to act. God is all powerful and through him all is possible. We must show our trust though.

I have some sweet shoe tan lines hah. I love the buses here, they are so fun. We ran in the middle of the highway to catch a bus haha. oh and we did a service project on Saturday and 9 of us squeezed into a car that seats 5 because the work was in Santa Monica which is pretty far. Talk about squished;)

Every Thursday and Saturday we have recorridos or tours of the church and on saturday there are not many people on the streets walking around so we started waving to all the cars and tried to get the buses to honk. lol  well a biker passing by stopped, he happened to be a less active member. He has been sturggling in life, so we got his direction (address) and are sending the missionaries his way. It was just proof to me that the lord places us in certain places to help people with their needs. People are placed in our path for us to find and help, but we must have our eyes opened to see and we MUST open our mouths. I love that no matter where you go around the world the church is the same. The gospel is the same here in Chile as it is at home in San Ramon, and in France where Cole is, and in Australia where the Bollards are. It doesn't matter where you are you can find the truth, the gospel.

Our mission has a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 6 months. which is 4 pages a day in spanish. My companion and I are trying to finish by the end of my training so we read a lot in the book of mormon every day. It has already blessed my life. I may not know every word because we are reading in spanish, but I do know of its truth and the spirit testifies it to me. I can feel the power of the words. It is so great. The scriptures are true and I know you can turn to them in times of need for guidance. I want to challenge all of you to try to read the book of mormon in 6 months, I know that it will strengthen your testimony and bring you closer to heavenly father. 

The gospel brings hope to people's lives; Hope that is needed to get through day to day life. People are seeking this hope and we have that hope!! The gospel gives me so much hope! Increase your knowledge of the gospel by reading the book of mormon. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to bring this hope to people here who are searching for it. I know this is God's work and I know he will place people who are prepared to hear it in my path. I know he leads each of us every day. He is our guide in this life. Talk to him. Tell him the concerns of your heart so he can more fully help you. When he does help you, recognize him, and give him thanks.

passion. desire. courage. 

Desire to always know more.
Seek his guidance
Gain a passion for this gospel
Have the courage to do the things you must

Much love,
Hermana Thompson
no longer a "teenager"! woohoo
Birthday girl in Chile Happy 20th Birthday Hermana Thompson 
         Service Project with Hnas. Selk, Parks, Bustamante

 Birthday Cake
My district going GQ

Roasting marshmallows over a candle flame
Valentine's Day breakfast

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