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someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listos por el campo

Well this is it, I only have 17 months left of my mission! Crazy talk. this has been quite the week... so yesterday we were taking pictures outside of Alcantara and 2 guys walked in thru the gate and stole 2 of the hermanas' bags...super sketch. it was a scary moment, we all felt super violated. My companion's bag was gone, very sad and NOT a good start to the day...

We are now the senior missionaries in the CCM, so weird. I feel so experienced haha totally different story next week though..."en al campo I go". Our last 2 weeks are solo espanol. yeah, I pretty much want to slap spanish the face half the time. ugh. We have great teachers though, they are super helpful and I am learning a lot! especially because they don't even speak english so we literally HAVE to speak spanish haha. it's good though, I am learning. oh I can roll my r´s!!!!!!! accomplishment for the week. You would be so proud dad :)

Yesterday we had the opporutnity to go to the temple again and I was an escort!! it was so cool to be able to help Hermana Davila. She is from Nicuragua. super sweet, but doesn't speak english;) Wow. it was such a cool experience. I was even able to do the ordinance in spanish... with help of course. I went to the temple wondering why I am here in Chile learning spanish. It seems pretty obvious, but as I repeated the ordinance in spanish I just knew that I am here to find someone who only speaks spanish and learning the language is the only way I will be able to help them. it was super powerful, pretty much overwhelming. this work is so true. I love going to the temple. I love personal revelation and I love that the spirit manifests the truth of the gospel to me. 

the highlight of my week was definitely on sunday when we taught the Latinos english, holy cow it was great! we sang called to serve. I love teaching, I seriously enjoyed it so much. It was funny because they were just sitting there listening to me speak english and trying to copy me. It was nice being the one to teach the language instead of the being the one trying to learn. 

In preach my gospel book there is a christlike attribute list activity... haha kind of a joke of how far I have to go...I have A LOT to work on. Definitely a humbling experience. lol this week I am working on being patient. Patient with myself, my companion, my investigators, y el espiritu santo. Patience. patience. patience...never been my strong suit, but god will turn weaknesses into strengths as long as we humble ourselves and ask for his help. Get on your knees and ask for help!!!!

We watched this awesome devotional from David A. Bednar about promptings. I don't have time to go into the entire talk, but the moral of the story was to ACT! Often, when we revive promptings, we don't even realize they are promptings. Try and recognize the promptings; focus on the thoughts that enter your mind and just act. Pray for the spirit so that you can have a clear mind to be able to recieve the prompitings. the spirit is CLAVE SIEMPRE!!!

I received a valentine's day letter from San Ramon 1st ward yesterday...Thanks for all the love and support!! :)

I almost forgot, on sunday we watched The testament in spanish (still super powerful) and afterwards we wrote down our testimonies of Christ. Wow. It like really hit me how much christ went through for each and every one of us. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer. I know he suffered the sins of the world. I know that only through following his example and being baptized can we me make it back to live with our heavenly father again. I know this church is true. I know I am doing the Lord's work in progressing his gospel. I know He is all powerful. I know that the light of Christ lives within all of us. 

Read Moroni 8:3

Signing off untill next time...next time, I will be out of the CCM!! 
Hermana Thompson

Last week and WE are outta here!
Best ice cream ever...with nutella!
I'm excited don't you think?!
lovin me a cone; always did have big eyes;)
View from church
I love Alcantara, mi casa!
Mi Tia, Cecilia
nuestros recreos
Elder Litza rolling a ring down the hallway
Hermano Rossi (mi maestro)
I love our crazy group!

Hermana Rodriquez
Hermana Davila
Hermana Limas
Hermanas Truman, Me, y Rodriquez

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