mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1 transfer down

Sorry I did not write yesterday, we had reunion de cambios. I am staying with hermana Parks in Padre Hurtado :) Not many changes in our zone, hermana Bustamante is going to train so hermana Selk got a new companion who is living with us. She is super sweet, she is from Paraguay.

So, first off, Ariel was baptized on Sunday!! So awesome! He was so ready and prepared for this day. Seriously such an awesome family. I am so excited to see him grow in the gospel as we teach him the new member lessons. Before he never wanted to ask his boss to get time off but he is asking to have every Sunday off now. milagro. Seriously I feel like we didn't even have to do much lol he was just so ready to be baptized. facil. I hope I can go to their sealing in 1 year haha.

Hermana Parks and I have started cleaning the capilla (chapel) each week. I don't even know how often the church is cleaned right now haha. But we spent like 2 hours on saturday cleaning and making it look nice for the baptism. Mom you would be so proud. I am getting super good at cleaning haha. I think I am develpoing a little ocd. It is good though because things look so much nicer echen clean, especially the chapel. It is the house of the Lord and we should keep it in tip top shape. It should be modeled off the temple as should our homes, clean and pure.

This week we had a lot and I mean A LOT of lessons and plans fall through. I was getting so frustrated and impatient. ¡Que Fume! But through all of this I came to realize that things fall through so we can find other people who need us more; or things happen that needed to take place. God has a plan and it isn't always the same as ours. If a certain lesson had taken place then we wouldn't have been in this place at this time to find this person. It is hard to see through it but things do fall so better things can happen. The Lord's hand is in our daily lives. I know there are people helping us on the other side all the time. I was reading this talk in the Liahona this week and an apostle said "Trials come into our lives to help us recognize Christ." It is so true. When there is a storm in our life, we look for the light of Christ. We rely on Christ and the atonement to carry us to safety.

We read the scriptures daily because the scriptures are literally our spiritual protection from temptation. Marcela is reading the book of mormon again. She is so awesome. She believes this gospel is true, she believes in Christ, she believes the book of mormon is true. The problem is she doesn't have much faith. Belief and faith are such different things. Faith is acting on the things you believe. So right now we are trying to build her faith, but it is so hard when she won't come to church!! ugh. Sometimes I just wish I could make people do things lol. gosh dang albedrio...

Pero ayer at the conference de cambios. Presidente talked a lot about Vision. What is your vision for your misison (life)? What are you going to do to accomplish it? There are going to be people who say you can't but have faith and work towards your goal. You can do it!! Motivation...so what is your Vision going to be?

Hermana Thompson
english toffee...fail!
we "mustache" you a question
happy baptism day!
my first baptism! woop woop

cleaning the capilla

graffiti art is everywhere here

chocolate river! want to take a dip? I think not...

bofm we carry around all day every day!
free fruit!
i love my life
Peñaflor Zone

I left my heart in SF 
Carolina is from our ward serving a mini mission en el quisco (coast)

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