mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chile is the bomb

This week went by super fast, I felt like I was literally just writing home! pero not much happened this week. Ariel was confirmed yesterday! super cool and we are hoping to get him to the temple this friday to do baptisms for his 2 brothers and his father. He is usually tied up with work though. We are praying really hard for him! And if not, at least Conference is this week!! Oh I am SO excited!!! I know our faith and testimonies will be strengthened as we hear the words of the prophet. If we allow it, conference will help improve our 'day to day' lives. We watched the Relief Society broadcast last night and a little girl from our ward, Camilla, was sitting in front of me. She reminded me of Carsyn and when the girls stood up it made me so proud. The love that God has for his daughters was prevalent last night. I miss you Carsyn, I am blowing kisses from here! The conference was super good! It was in spanish so needless to say I had a slight headache after, but I understood a lot! woohoo

We had an almuerzo this week that lasted forever, but they live in this little country house and have a garden, all kinds of flowers, fruits, and animals! They have 7 3-week old puppies. Talk about heaven, so adorable. 

Yeah, not much else happened this week lol. We visited some less actives and a lot of our citas fell through, pero our spirits are high! I know this God's work and it will move forward no matter what! 

Always accept the will of God. 

la fe es el poder= faith is the power
la obediencia es el precio= obedience is the price
el amor es el motivo= love is the motive
el espíritu es la clave= the spirit is the nail
cristo es la razón= christ is the reason

Sorry for the short letter.
Tune in for next week!

Hermana Thompson
Cynthia from our retention
Bryon from retention
ear infection
Hnas Parks, Selk, Pereira, & me at a church activity
caliente cama cooking an egg
look at this.. 

service project in Santa Monica: washing dogs and picking off ticks 
Hellen's nieces & nephew
I ate ASS and it was delicious;)

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