mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow Down Time...

I wish I had the secret to slowing down time... every week goes by faster and faster. 
Happy Birthday to Jackie-boy this coming up week!! The Big 8

This week we were able to go to the temple again. I was sitting in the temple praying and kind of talking to God.. pretty normal stuff and bueno. I was looking for a confirmation and I just opened up doctrina y convenios and read section 6:22-23. He is so aware of every single one of us and every thought we have. It was really cool because I was in the celestial room and I seriously felt like God spoke to me (it was weird though cause it was in spanish) tu eres mi hija (you are my daughter). I know that we are all children of God. The hymn 'soy un hijo de dios' (I am a Child of God) has really taken on a different meeting for me. He IS my father and I know he loves me and he wants to bless me...he is beyond patient with me. He is perfect in every good attribute: kind, patient, loving, compassionate, funny. 

I can not express how much I love the mission :) 

The work is coming along. I am not going to lie it is not easy by any means, it is really hard. I have to push myself every single day to go farther than the day before.

This always happens with us, but last night all our our citas (appointments) fell thru so we went to contact a street and happened upon a family that has listened to missionaries before...AND they are married!!! That is really hard to find here in Chile. T They are really awesome :) 8:40pm miracles. They also have a son who is living in Santa Barbara right now.- 

I am doing really well, I love my sector, I love my companion, I love my calling. 

We have been finding some awesome prepared people! 
Just doing God's Will and following His plan, not ours

love from Chile
Hermana Thompson

Temple Trip & can you believe a Bag Store made us "bag" our bags?! haha

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