mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Prayer invites the Spirit

Happy Birthday Big Papa!! Your princess loves you :) 
Happy birthday to Jack Nielson! whoop...15!
Congratulations Ellé and Jordan on your twin boys, can't wait to meet them!!

Question: Do you want to be happy? Would you do anything to find that happiness? There is an easy solution actually, love and live the gospel principles. Always look at life with a positive view. When the world seems to be pushing against you, remember who is helping to pull you along... Christ and His angels.
Satan is always on the attack, even more so when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Hermana Farner and I are testigos (witnesses) of it this week. We went to the Temple on Tuesday morning (oh by the way new temple video is awesome!) We felt so uplifted and ready to take on the world. haha Seriously though, we received a lot of revelation and spent a good time reflecting. The rest of the week... one trial after another and we just could not seem to accomplish anything we did... ah. Then one night we kneeled down and asked God to have satan leave us alone, next morning everything seemed to have blown over. We were able to see that rainbow shining as it always does after a storm. We can resist Satan!
I know God is watching out for us, I know it because I have felt his power every single day. The key to His help is prayer, it seriously does wonders. I have really come to appreciate the sacred time I have to talk with God. As a missionary, I think I pray about 20 times a day and I value every single prayer. I love talking with God :) such an awesome gift. 

Charity... expect the best from everyone, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

Right now we are doing a lot of looking for 'news'  and we are still managing to find inactives. I think we are magnets to inactives haha. We did have a miracle yesterday though. We decided to knock a street and the first house we knocked, we found a lady crying se llama Viv... we were able to teach her the Restoration and help her find some peace through prayer...bringing it back to prayer;) 

I know that my Savior lives. I know that through Him I can receive grace to be better than I was yesterday. Through Him I can be healed, I can be cleansed, and I can change. 

D&C 132:24 to have eternal life, we need to know God and Christ...oooh! We have to study and pray to know them!

have a great week!
Hermana Thompson

I thought I would include her personal email to us this week...some really good insight!
Wow. It was a difficult week. seriously satan was attacking like no other. I have learned to be patient in my afflictions. It is so hard, but I have seen how the lord has been able to help me put a smile on my face and figure things out in my head. It's kind of freaking me out that this amazing adventure is coming to the last chapters. It is hard cause you are excited to finish the book but then it is over... with the mission, you can't go back and relive it. So, I have really developed the ability to enjoy every minute. The application to the atonement is prayer. I seriously love the atonement and being able to TALk to god. It's not just a voicemail, it is seriously a conversation. I am doing great, I love my mission. :) Still working hard to see fruits through baptism, assistance, and people going to the temple. We killed (dropped) many of our investigadores so we are looking... pray for us to help find the indicated people please. Dad I am in a ward, but it's not too small... the biggest attendance we have had since I have been here was 106. Thanks for all you do, I love you so much!!

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