mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, February 23, 2015

the love of God

Primero quiero expresar mi amor por mi Salvador... (First I want to express my love for the Savior) de verdad esta valentines day pensé mucho en el amor él tiene para mi y estoy tan agradecida por el sacrificio de amor que hizo para mi y cada uno de nosotros. me ha dado todo el apoyo, el entendimiento, el consuelo, èl es fiel, amoroso, y mi mejor amigo. due un dìa especial para mi para recordar todo el amor de èl (really, this Valentines Day I have thought a lot about the love the Savior has for me, and I am grateful for His loving sacrifice for each one of us.  He has given me strength, understanding, comfort; He is faithful, loving, and my best friend.  It was a very special day for me to remember His love)

Dad, you can't get trunky on me!!! But this week was kind of a wake up call as we had our 1 año almuerzo en la casa de la misiòn... (one year luncheon at the mission home) Ah, I thought that day would never come. It feels like life seems to go so slow, and then we blink and we don't know how we got to where we are. It blows my mind. But I am so excited for the months I still have in the mission. I am sad to be leaving this sector, it has become my home and the people have become my family, seriously. Mom, Dad, I am planning to come back here in a year...just a heads up :) 

Anyway! We are seeing a lot of progress in this sector, everything is really falling into place. We are finding quite a few nuevos, people are really receptive despite the calor (heat). We have a fecha (baptismal date)  this saturday for emily. La hija de una menos active (she is the daughter of a less active). She is really excited. :) She knows that baptism is a requirement to enter into el reino celestial (celestial kingdom). It is so awesome to hear about prayer experiences. I have seen it so many times in my mission, people pray and they feel something in their hearts and then the spirit starts working in them to help them feel the truth of the gospel. I know this is the only true gospel;  other churches, yes, have part of the truth but only the church of jesus christ has all of the truth. 

Carla y Cesar are progressing well :9 Cesar shared his testimony in priesthood and someone told us that he told everyone that he knows this church is true! music to a missionaries ears :) seriously, I love this family so much. ah! 

Bueno... right now it is summer so everyone is on vacation, but yesterday the stake president asked "what would happen if God went on vacation?"  An interesting concept... haha I know I would be so lost if he went on vacation for an hour! 

Happy Birthday Tate!!

Saludos de Chile
(loads of love)

Hermana Thompson

Side note: Hey, guess what Dad?! Elder y Hermana Gonzalez (Rick's Mission President) vinieron a tener una conferncia con nuestra mision(they came to have a conference with our mission) y guess what, I totally got a picture with them! The hermana was bragging to me about you and how hard of a worker you were and what faith. She told me you were one of their gran misioneros y es muy orgullosa de ti (great missionaries and is very proud of you). She gave me about 5 hugs on your behalf. She even called me out in front of everyone and said how special it was to be there, it was really awesome :) I have a picture with them just like you have with them!  
1 year luncheon at Presidente's home

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