mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Lord watches over us

Cole asked us to tell Kendal to NOT put half her words in spanish in her emails...I want to be able to understand them! lol  Kendal's says she can't speak ANY language! Which is a good sign she has turned the corner with spanish;)

Okay.... so last Monday was a great PDAY. We went to Santa Lucia and wow it was beautiful! We had a ton of fun. There was a big hill that we climbed and at the top, you could see all of Santiago and the Andes Mountains. yeah, beautiful! Then we went to the feria (fair) and yeah i love Chile souveniers. We also helped a member paint her little shop she is opening to sell pañales...the day went by super fast. We were all getting ready to get in bed around 11:30 and Hermana Parks starts having a cough attack all of a sudden. She starts weezing and she literally sounded like a dog barking. Next thing we know she was on the ground and she couldn't breathe. Her face was like immovable...i don't know how to describe it. But holy cow it was so scary. We were trying to talk her through it and telling her to stay with us. I called our district leader to come give her a blessing... I wasn't even thinking so I spoke to him in english hahaha ooops. good thing he understands english! Hermana Selk and I ran to David's house, a member who lives behind us and has a car. We were on the phone with medico assistants and literally sprinted back to the house. the Elders had just arrived on their bikes, they seriously got there in like 1 minute and they do not live all that close. She got a blessing super quickly and David took us to the hospital. She still was struggling to breathe when we got there. They put her on oxygen and put in an iv. It took 3 rounds of oxygen before her breathing was finally back to normal. WOW. We got home about 2:30 in the morning. Apparently, she had an asthma attack, but she hasn't had asthma before. Talk about scary! Near death experience....not fun!! 

Many things have been happening here in Padre Hurtado. Satan is working really really hard on all of us, the ward included. He knows there are miracles about to happen here and knows that Chile is going to be a beaken for the world. It is in these moments when we need to put our strength and trust in the Lord and His Plan. He is all powerful!! I know Satan is real, but I also know God is real! Satan can tempt us, but it is up to us to choose whether or not to give in to temptation. We need to choose TODAY who we are going to follow. If you are not following the Savior, you are following Satan. I know it is a strong statement, but I know how true it is. The Plan is laid out for us so simply, we just need  to choose and then act!

Anyway, this week was pretty crazy due to our health drama haha. We spent most of martes (tuesday) resting, but we also went to pedro de valdivia for medico. hermana parks got 2 more inahlers and a whole bunch of medicine. It was nice to be in the ccm (mtc) for a little bit. 

Jueves tuvimos la conferencia de Hermanas (thursday we had sisters conference). Wow. It was so powerful. D&C 25:3,10 Eres una dama elegida a quien he llamado desecharás las cosas de este mundo buscarás a las de uno mejor. (google translation:You are a chosen lady to whom I have called aside the things of this world will seek the best one.) We as women have been called as mothers and sisters and daughters. We have been called by God. He has a plan for each and every one of us! As women we play such an important role in the family. We talked a lot about D&C 25, about Emma Smith. She was a women of such great strength!! Seguir adelante (go ahead), Do not give up! Be strong! Get on your knees and pray for strength when you are in pain, struggling, discouraged, sad... think of Emma Smith. Think about her trials. We watched a video of Emma Smith "an elect lady". wow. The spirit was so strong, I encourage you to watch it. I believe it is on lds.org. I also want to thank the worthy priesthood holders in my life..."Thank You" for honoring the great call of being a priesthood leader!!

We had a mission conference after the conference because they are changing the way we do missionary work here!! There are only 4 missions in the entire world doing this and we are one of them! We are focusing on Menos Activos (less actives). baptizer  mucho mas (baptize much), retener mucho mas (retain much), reactivar mucho mas (reactivate much). We are changing our weekly dates (data). We are giving menos actives asignaciones (less actives assignments). We are still going to baptize, but we are changing our vision a little bit. We have 1 thousand members in our ward and our sacramental asistencia averages (sacrament attendance average) is at 120...Elder Gonzalez, the Area President of South America came on saturday and spoke to us. Man, it's crazy! I am so excited to work really hard with our MA (less actives). I love conferencias because we get so much motivation to just "go" to work. 

So, now onto our investigators haha. We visited "G" y Sonia on Saturday night and we had a mac (not a computer...lost in translation). Thank goodness for Mac; power member! Sonia started off with how this wasn't a good time and she doesn't feel prepared or ready for this...scared of change. The spirit was so strong during the lesson that by the end she was in tears. She is so ready for this gospel, bam. I love how the spirit can touch the hearts of every person; I know that people can change for the better.

We also went and visited with Katy; wow, she is just awesome! It wasn't an actual lesson, just kind of a "get to know you". She has 2 children and they are the most obedient kids I know!! amazing! She is golden. She already started reading the book of mormon. She is so great and she loves us. haha She was like, "when you guys get back we need to be friends on Facebook" haha. She is adorable. Well, that is about it for this week. 

I love studying the gospel. I know this gospel is true. I know we are children of God. 
Work hard and trust in the Lord in ALL things.

Until next week :)
Hermana Thompson 

only picture for today...been a crazy week!

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