mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mi Salvador


I know that Christ lives. I love my savior so much. I am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice. Last night y saturday night our mission had a musical presentation for la semana santa. tan bonita!!!  de verdad. there was a choir of 24 missionaries and they had videos of Christ durante tambien. talk about powerful.Saturday night it was in talgante and Marcela and Patricio came!!!!!!! milagro. let me back up a little though. Martes (tuesday) hermana Parks was sick so hermana selk and i went on citas. we visited marcela and taught leccion 3. super great. she has a solid understanding of repentance. then somehow fasting came into the conversation and she said she really wanted to fast because she believes it will help her recieve the answer she needs. The next day, we stopped by and she had fasted for 12 hours. (baby steps) Patricio was home and they gave us 'once' and he wanted to join in the fast. milagro. So on saturday we went by to start the fast. boom. They came to the Semana Santa and the spirit was so strong! simply amazing. Hopefully it softened the heart of Patricio, but we shall see. I know they are in God's hands. 

We had a lot of contacts this week because we literally invited everyone en los calles to la semana santa! We had an interesting recorrido...we were in the chapel talking about the santa cena and she just burst into a church song; she was grooving haha. it was really awkward and I felt so bad, but yeah it was interesting... 

I had my first experience with a "drunk". We were on the micro and I was sitting next to this man who was sleeping. Another guy gets on the micro with a guitar and stands in the aisle RIGHT BY me. He started playing the guitar and singing to me, he was literally STARING at me! He would not leave. He was so drunk I am amazed he could even play. I felt so awkward, my heart was in my stomach! I tried contacting him haha! I handed him a passalong card, he looked at it and then dropped it on the floor...I didn't care, I was just glad to get away from him! It is hilarious...now;) 
(She also had a little incident with a teenager who showed up to classes de ingles and was just a horny boy talking trash and even posted a picture along with their address on fb while they were teaching...her comment was that boys were dumb!)

We have 2 nuevos! Gaston y Sonia! El (He) was a referencia a couple weeks back but  wasn't home when we had a cita and then we called and he said now wasn't a good time. However, this week the office called us and gave us the referencia of Sonia. I think they are ready haha. That never happens! We went by and Gaston was home so we set up an appointment. We visited with them Friday night. They both have Fechas for the 18th of May :) They are super awesome! She has a smoking problem but I know we can help her. He is friends with a member in our ward and she says they are having marital problems, but it is the perfect time because the gospel blesses FAMILIES!!. I love how knit together families are in the gospel. And in the church we are ONE big family. We talked about that on Sunday and how we are at "home" in church and we should feel comfortable to share our thoughts and feelings. Share your testimonies people! I know my testimony was strengthened by the shared testimonies by members of my wards. Never be afraid to share what you know to be true! 

alma 57:21 obedience with exactness. Something I am really striving to work on right now. 
alma 32:40-43 have faith and diligence in seeking truth; and you will find it.

I love this quote. "If Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future." The past is the past and because of Jesucristo we have the opportunity to repent and receive forgiveness and be able to change bad habits. We can change; our future is bright if we will accept the lord and let him help brighten the darkness in our life.  
This week we also talked a lot about having Christ-like love and how important it is. I just love the people here and I am trying to develop true charity and a love for everyone.

"Contention builds walls and puts up barriers. Love opens doors" Marvin J Ashton. 

Hermana Thompson


best friends forever: N-K-C-E

transfer Reunion
Cecilia!! Mi tia de Alcantara

on the micro
housemates at Santa Lucia!







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