mis-sion-ary (noun)
someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good spirits

well this was a good week! but sadly i forgot my notebook with all my notes... pucha! This week Hermana Parks and i rocked our contacts!! We have citas with new investigators. There is one street at the end of our sector and we have like 5 investigators and 3 less actives haha it's a great little barrio.

Oh Happy late Birthday Big Papa! 

There is a book i started reading when Hermana Parks was sick this week called "When times are tough" by John Bytheway. Super good scriptures and aplications to life. Read it. I took two Religion classes from him last year!

This was a good week. Our investigator "M" bore her testimony to us. Wow. talk about powerful. It was such a cool experience. She is such a rock. She knows God answers her prayers and she has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon...simply amazing. Her situation at home is really difficult though. Her paraje (husband) is what is keeping her from church which is so sad. He literally does not let her leave the house, she can't even go buy pan (bread) down the street. Patito is 7 and he always has to go buy food for them.  Drives me nuts. It is sad to see how drugs have torn this family apart. there is no trust and "M" is too scared to stand up to him. He has beaten her before...it's just such a bad situation but she is so prepared!! talk about frustrating and sad...

Yesterday we had fast Sunday. We called Monica and Hellen in the morning to wake them up and Hellen was still sleeping so we didn't think they would come to church. But at like 9:15 they walk in. AH! such a miracle. Monica was intently listening as each person bore their testimony. It was so awesome! After, she even asked about the pan y agua... they were late but she noticed that she didn't get to take the santa cena and was disappointed. They are awesome! During relief society a lady read dyc 62:3 and talked about "how when we bear our testimonies it is written down in heaven and it is like an override for a sin". TESTIFY!!! it was like bam, everyone went around the room in a circle and shared their testimony. it was such a cool experience. The spirit was so strong. I am so grateful for the opporunity i have to bear my testimony to people everyday. 

After our cita con "M", while Hermana Parks was on the phone with hna Luis (doctor in nuestra mission) a car pulls up and it is like ghetto...has like blue lights under haha and the car smells like weed. They say that we are in a bad area to be in at night and tell us to get in. I have no idea who these people are but Hermana Parks gets in, so i follow... weird. I'm kinda freaking out and hermana parks is still on the phone (what the heck!?!). I start talking to the girl sitting in the back with a 1 year old while the man drives. i was trying so hard to "not freak out" but they dropped us off near our house, and come to find out she is a less active member haha. Man. And we were almost past curfew! phew. Protection haha. hna Parks was laughing so hard afterward because she could see the panic on my face. Crazy! 

We went to clean the capilla en sabado con el obsipo and there was a group of jovens (youth) learning the Cueca (a chilean dance). Galena should do this dance!! I wanted to start dancing so badly, it was awesome.

I want to leave you with a thought... Who is Jesus Christ in your life? Who is he to YOU personally? 
I have really come to know my savior on my mission. I am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice. I love studying His life. I love being a representative of Him and wearing His name on my shirt everyday. Such a blessing. I love this gospel.

Much love,
Hermana Thompson

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